Star Wars Is Out In Digital HD — How To Make The Right Choice On Where To Buy

Star Wars Google Play

Finally, you can buy the Star Wars films in digital format -- digital streaming, that is. Technically, we've had Star Wars in digital format via DVD and Blu-ray for ages. But if you wanted to stream Star Wars digitally from the cloud, you couldn't until today. There seems to be no lack of providers offering bundles of the six films in the series for $90 or $100. Amazon and M-Go, for example, both sent emails today encouraging me to buy. Neither of those are appealing to me, because going … [Continue reading]

My Fall Of The Berlin Wall Story

before and after

Growing up as a Cold War kid in the 1970s, I was fascinated by Berlin. I'd read of the airlift, the city being divided then the construction of the Berlin Wall. I always wanted to visit the city. Little did I realize in the year that I did, the wall … [Continue reading]