The 2 Laws Of Sporting Events & Twitter

As the Orange County Angels of Los Angeles in Anaheim continue into the playoffs, I’ve found myself not only watching baseball on TV for the first time but also tweeting updates. Meanwhile, as some football teams I don’t know about play against each other in games I don’t care about, I find myself yawning when others tweet those. And so, I introduce the two laws of sporting events and Twitter:

1) Sporting events you’re not at or don’t care about are incredibly boring to hear tweeted

2) Sporting events you’re at or care about are incredibly interesting & MUST be tweeted to the world

There are corollaries:

1A) Those who bore you with their sporting news risk being unfollowed at any moment

2A) Those who find your sporting event tweets boring are sticks-in-the-mud who shouldn’t be following you in the first place

Actually, I kind of like hearing the updates from those at sporting events I don’t care about. It’s an interesting window into what those I follow are interested in. As for me, well, if the Angels keep winning, I’ll probably be tweeting. But I’ll try to keep it selective!


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    It’s funny, I actually found myself getting annoyed with @sugarrae’s football tweeting all morning — and then realized I was doing the same thing as the Red Sox were “playing” the other night. It’s definitely one of those things that’s horribly annoying when someone else does it, but totally inbounds when you do it. Kind of like how Guy Kawasaki views Twitter spam.

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    Yep, me too. I blame Rae. She was complaining about some football game and slippery hands or whatever blah blah. But now if she were talking about the Angels beating the Red Sox (twice), suddenly I would care.

    Beauty. Beholder. Some eye thing.

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    It’s a very thin line indeed. Sundays in Holland tend to be very much dominated by Footbal (soccer) matches. I too feel the need to Twitter about it when i’m “in the game” but it can also be very annoying.

    But with all the channels you can make in for example Tweetdeck it gets a lot easier to filter, so I feel its becoming less of a ‘problem’ with more applications.

    On the other side: if you are being de-followed because of this, is the ‘friend’ really a ‘friend’? 😉

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    You had to go and gloat about the Angels, didn’t you? [shakes head] I can’t believe how badly the Sox choked today. The whole series for that matter. They just never showed up. What a waste.

    What’s the law about sporting events and blog comments? And yeah, let’s blame Rae. I fully support that in all arenas.

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    Lisa if you have time to write a blog entry whilst at a sporting event then you can’t be too excited about the action going on in front of you! In fact I think mid-event tweets should be banned, yes that goes for you as well Andy Roddick.

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    As a diehard Red Sox fan, I am disappointed with the Sox giving up those runs in the 7th, but we have to throw the little people a bone once in a while!
    I want the Angels to pound the Yankees, because everyone knows and I think will agree with me that the Yankees Suck!!!

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    In a word, I think all sports “update” tweets from non-team/industry sites “suck”. Why? Because a lot of us are using DVRs to watch timeshifted games, and it sucks to have some random person you are following tweet a big game event/score. It’s okay if it’s the team’s official twitter account, since you can filter/ignore it for a time period, but when it’s just someone tweeting out of joy/pain, it utterly sucks for the rest of us.

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    During game 2 betw NY & the Angels, a few of us did more tweeting and RTing in the last few innings than we’d done / communicated with each other in the past six months. We had a blast. Today, I found it annoying that there was almost no tweeting the early part of the game while I was stuck at a clients and not able to watch. :-) Then when the Angels won, there was hardly any chatter in my tweet stream which was actually surprising. I guess most of the people I follow are Yankee fans, crazy as they may be…

    I guess as someone who rants a lot, I don’t mind seeing when others do it. I find it easy to haze out when they’re tweeting about sports I don’t care about.