The 2 Laws Of Sporting Events & Twitter

As the Orange County Angels of Los Angeles in Anaheim continue into the playoffs, I’ve found myself not only watching baseball on TV for the first time but also tweeting updates. Meanwhile, as some football teams I don’t know about play against each other in games I don’t care about, I find myself yawning when others tweet those. And so, I introduce the two laws of sporting events and Twitter:

1) Sporting events you’re not at or don’t care about are incredibly boring to hear tweeted

2) Sporting events you’re at or care about are incredibly interesting & MUST be tweeted to the world

There are corollaries:

1A) Those who bore you with their sporting news risk being unfollowed at any moment

2A) Those who find your sporting event tweets boring are sticks-in-the-mud who shouldn’t be following you in the first place

Actually, I kind of like hearing the updates from those at sporting events I don’t care about. It’s an interesting window into what those I follow are interested in. As for me, well, if the Angels keep winning, I’ll probably be tweeting. But I’ll try to keep it selective!