About Daggle

What’s Daggle? It’s my personal blog (me being Danny Sullivan), where I write about things other than search. If you’re after what I have to say on the subject of search, then you want Search Engine Land. Daggle’s about other things in my life (mostly — sometimes I touch on search subjects here).

Why Daggle? A long time ago, someone did a list of the remaining short domain names that were left. I saw that daggle.com was on the list. Of course, this was probably because of the definition of Daggle, which I hadn’t looked up:

To trail, so as to wet or befoul; to make wet and limp; to moisten.

Not a nice definition, but I still liked the sound of the word. So I went with it!

To learn more about me and my background especially before I started covering search (I worked in newspapers), see these pages at my consulting site:

As for search, I’m editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, and you can find my my biography and recent writings on my author page there:

I also co-founded Third Door Media and serve as its chief content officer. Third Door publishes Search Engine Land and Sphinn, a social news site for internet marketers. It also produces the SMX: Search Marketing Expo conference series and the Search Marketing Now webcast series.

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