How To Add Twitter To Google Wave

Yes, the Google Wave invites are going out. All logged in? Now it’s time to start tweeting from Google Wave. Here’s how.

The only Twitter client I know of is called Tweety the Twitbot. Today, I’ve also seen it called Twave, though the application itself still doesn’t seem to use that name.

I used Tweety in the Google Wave sandbox preview and completely forgot how I added it back then. So I did some searching and came across a tweet from @oplura explaining that getting Tweety going is as easy as adding a contact. So let’s do it, with pictures.

Go to your contacts window and click the + sign at the bottom to add a new contact:

Adding Twitter To Google Wave

Enter this address:

Now make a new wave. Click the + symbol to add a new participant to it. Add Tweety:

Adding Twitter To Google Wave

Next you’ll get an authenticating message:

Adding Twitter To Google Wave

A new window will open to connect Wave to your Twitter account:

Adding Twitter To Google Wave

After you sign in successfully, you’ll get a message confirming this, and then the window will close.

Back in your wave, push the “Done” button if you’re still seeing the authentication message. Then you’ll see this:

Adding Twitter To Google Wave

Enter your tweet into the top box (first arrow in the screenshot) and push update to send. Keep in mind that it won’t count down the 140 characters. If you go long, it won’t warn you.

Below the tweet box, you’ll see tweets from others (second, lower arrow in the screenshot). You might try reloading the page, if it looks like the names of those tweeting aren’t showing up correctly.

After that, well, I find that the box doesn’t seem to update. Maybe that will improve as Wave stabilizes during the current round of invites or as the app improves or who knows?


  1. Tim Laughlin says

    Thanks for the quick post on how to do this. I just added it to my Wave. Same results that you are seeing regarding no updates.

  2. HichamD says

    Well it looks like you guys are having a lot of fun with this toy.

    One day i will this wave toy too

  3. says

    Beware though, if you add Tweety-wave and another contact (or contacts) to the same wave, that contact will be able to tweet on your behalf… So, if you add Tweety-wave, and then make that wave public, World+Dog can tweet using your credentials…

  4. says

    thanks for posting this…until i read your post, i didnt see where i could update my tweets bc of the long list of updates, until i scrolled back up

  5. Fairflow says

    try replaying the wave you started to activate Tweety-wave. Havoc! This thing has reallllly serious ways of messing up. Fun isn’t it?

  6. AA says

    May be someone will come up with kick ass Twitter Wave client? For now, this Wave extension is not worth it.

  7. Brian McKenna says

    Since I started using the developer’s sandbox, the Twitter bot has never updated the wave with new Tweets.

    Sorry, but it doesn’t seem to be just because of the system load or anything. I just don’t think it is programmed to update.

  8. Erik Craddock says

    I’m not sure how I did it but I was able to get Tweety to update my twitter status. At first it did not appear to have worked. I added text pressed update and it seemed like it did nothing. I checked the twitter website and sure enough no update. I clicked update again several time for good measure and moved on. It wasn’t until later when checking the twitter site again did I notice that it did in fact work. So it does work but not very well.

  9. says

    Thank you! I just got my invite today and I was looking for something interesting to do while my contact lists gets populated with my friends and twitter is perfect!

  10. says

    I had to click “Done” on my Blip, then I clicked “Update” on the finished blip.

    I’ve checked a couple times and so far I don’t have a double-post, so I think that’s how you do it.

  11. says

    Thanks for posting this Danny, just got my invite, and i remember seeing this post, so I came back to find out how you did it.
    I’m also experiencing the lack of update that you and others mentioned, but oh well, its all beta.
    geez, if your not on fire, your drowning, whats up with the crazy weather down there?

  12. says

    Thanks for the Twitter feed application. How does this work in connection with Google? Someone help me out with this one…..

  13. Shane says

    I don’t know but I just got invited to Google wave today, installed the tweet application and I can see other peoples tweets in my Google Wave. Maybe they are still improving that tweet application for Google Wave.

  14. Neil Ferree says

    Initially, this sounded like a good idea but when you think about all the junk that finds its way onto Twitter, I would not want to open the door for all this useless data dumping into my Wave.

    THIS IS WHY there needs to be a rules based access extension built to that the Wave creator can control who gets access to a Wave and who can add / remove people from the Wave or does such an extension already exist?

  15. hmikail says

    “Note: Any participant on this wave can tweet on behalf of the authenticated Twitter user”….luckily i was testing gwave with an old friend..and his message went up on my twitter account..

    overall…no question that google wave has a bright future…but the over hype on social media and twitter…just over hyped!

  16. Muhammad Yasin says

    Andrew Terry ….. thx for the security info…

    I got google wave today and this was the first social gadget to play with.

    It seems to me that many other people might have started the same way.
    “Tweet using Wave”

    Plz keep posting about other useful gadgets for google wave.

  17. says

    You forgot to mention that the moment that you install this into a wave, it completely destroys it with endless twitter spam and total junk tweets.

    My advice… don’t use this add-on. Instead… use twitter.

  18. says

    Hi, I have a problem with authentication. When I was using Firefox, It says connection is untrusted. I tried using Chrome and still there’s a problem with authentication. It says that the frame was blocked due to some insecure content. I was hoping you could help me with this. Thanks.

  19. Ruslan says

    Any Idea how come my tweets are looking like the first tweet in the picture above?? Like all default and with the T as the avatar?? I tried reloading the page.. Is it just a bug??

  20. RWLindell says

    If you’re desperate for a wave you can always go to ebay. The going rate for a well rated seller is $15. I’m not selling invites this is just a PSA.

  21. Carlos says

    It dosent work, when you say it will appear the new window it never appears, and i cant use tweet the twitbox :(

  22. says

    This post was such a great help, I just got on Google Wave the other day so I am learning my way around. Thank you for spelling it out for us newbies. :)

  23. Ragmack says

    Thx for the post. I have 2 wave invite left, hit me up on twitter (ragmack) if anyone need one.

  24. Karen M. Henton says

    Hey thanks for this advice! That Tweetie robot was a bit tough to figure out at first, but then it turned out cool once I got Firefox to stop blocking the pop up window so it could authenticate. Still can’t see all the avatars and the time line, home page, etc, guess things’ll take time once all the invites and preview stage goes into full throttle…

    Thanks loads again!!

  25. Nathalie says

    What if nothing happens after ‘Authenticating…’? I am logged in and not blocking pop-ups. I am a Safari user, though. Does that matter?

  26. says

    I am very interested in using this for reputation management purposes, how would I go about filtering the results and adding custom filtered RSS feeds? Essentially looking to integrate Google Alerts into this panel along with custom queries.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!