Some Advice For Free Essay Writing Services – Write Better Comment Spam!

There are some people who really, really want my readers to know about various essay writing services that are available. I mean, they spam me with links constantly. So to save everyone time, I thought I’d just compile all their offers in one place.

Back in November, someone by the name of “Essay Writers” posted to my Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade article:

Thank you for this wonderful blog. This is a good video streaming!

I guess they needed a break from writing all those essays. They linked over to, and clearly this is a company to avoid. I mean, “This is a good video streaming?” That’s not very good English. I’m not sure I’d want them to write my essays.

In December, Linda34 read my article about the AP charging for quotations and was compelled to comment:

To be successful means to have the A+ level and for this, people must demonstrate the good quality custom term paper. But is that possible to perform it not utilizing a support of the website writing services? Yes, that is workable, but that will be more simple to essay buy about this good post in Internet.

The bolded words were links that lead over to Again, I’d have to recommend against this service. That comment is just poor English. The same company also left me this poorly written comment in January:

To be successful means to get the high grades and for this, guys must demonstrate the good quality write my paper essay. But is this real to write it without an aid of the online writing services? Sure, it is realizable, but it would be easier to buy do my paper essay about this post in web.

Also in December, Ly33Odry read my “As Obama Turns America Socialist, An American Reflecting On Life In Socialist Britain” post. That provoked this comment:

The one only pass way to have some information about this post is to order already written essays or buy essay.

The comment linked over to I have to say, a poor quality comment like this compels me to put this service on the “don’t use” list as well.

In January, Jenifferls left this comment:

Some essays writing services write nice essay writing example referring to this post and the superb outcome simply about become our writer, you can receive with no money!

That lead to I don’t even understand the comment. So when says on its site:

Our talented team of writers will customize your college essays to go with your language skills and academic standard, whether you are in school or college, we are always there to help you. You do not have to worry anymore about your academic difficulties.

I just have to shake my head. If you can’t even write comment spam clearly, I’m going to trust you with my essay?

Also in January, “Free Essay” read my about FDIC limits and was really thankful for it, commenting:

Whenever I see people like you which sharing information for other peoples, I feel so glad, thanks for your information and continue your work.

I really appreciated that feedback. But the “for other peoples” part makes me think that, while it may offer free essays, probably doesn’t have good quality ones.

Interestingly, Free Essay came back to that same article and commented again:

I believe the information covered in the discussion is top notch. I’ve been doing a research on the subject and your blog just cleared up a lot of questions. I am working on a custom essay and custom essays for my English class and currently reading lots of blogs to study.

I found the comment confusing. No, not because it had nothing to do with my blog post. Rather, because it linked to three different services. Free Essay linked his name to the aforementioned site. But then the first link in the comment went to (AKA Genuine Writing) and the second to Gosh, which one is best?

More confusion. My “Oh My God! My Village Is Being Invaded!” post got this comment:

Yeah, definitely custom written essay Thank you.

What does that mean? And why did “Custom Writing” who left the post link to for their name but to withi the comment? Again, I’m confused. Which one is best?

In another comment from January, “cxJessica” wrote:

It is manageable to purchase essay and  buy custom essay papers at the paper writing service just about this good topic.

Add to the list of places that seem likely to suck.

Someone else left this on my post about Arrested Development, done in Lego:

The quality of your brilliant information close to this good post can be compared with the academic essay writing from writing service only. Thence, you move in a good way. Thank you a lot for your efforts!

And thank you, the good folks over at — I wish you all you deserve.

Lately, it’s a place called that wants attention. I keep getting comments like:

Different spheres of our life consume a lot of time and money, thence why should we waste time for expository essay accomplishing? That is easier to utilize some famous custom sociology essays service to purchase the sample essay from, I guess.

I am willing to tell that an experienced media essay writing service is a light on the road of research essay writing. So, all people can utilize it every time they need buy essays.

People opine that the business term paper writing supposes the really time taking process. However, students count on the media essay service help anytime when that is needed.

I don’t think that every single student in the world has a passion of definition essay writing! Nevertheless, persons ,which don’t have writing skillfulness have to utilize a support of experienced essays online service and enjoy a result.

Various fields of our life consume a lot of time, thence why have we to waste time for analysis essay writing? This is easier to utilize really professional essay writing service to order the persuasive term paper at, I guess.

I’ve got about 10 more similar to those above. Here’s the thing. If you go to, the site makes little sense. There’s no way to contact anyone about essays. No phone numbers; no order forms; no complete essays. Just one butt-ugly web site.

I suspect whoever runs this site is hoping that after they spam enough blogs, they’ll start ranking for terms and maybe will try to redirect that traffic to an actual sales site.

Of course, they need to start ranking. As it turns out, they do rank for essays online on Google. But I’m going to make a little prediction, and this is one based on an essay of my own I wrote — about why it’s not a really smart idea to be spamming my blog.

That essay was called My “Beware Of Dog” Don’t Spam Me Sign, and it covered how it’s kind of stupid to be spamming the blog of someone who writes about search.

As a matter of fact, did you read this great article about Google’s search algorithm in Wired recently? Little story. Last month, I had the pleasure of doing a talk with some of the folks mentioned in that article. I was pointing out examples of where I thought maybe Google could improve its search relevancy. I think it went pretty well. Google’s dead serious on not wanting junk in their results. They were game to see what bad examples I could find out there.

So that site that’s ranking for “essays online” right now, that’s really cruddy? I think that’s an excellent example of where Google needs to reexamine its search algorithm, do some tweaking, so junk like that doesn’t come up. In fact, I get the impression the entire essay writing space probably deserves a little attention right now. I suspect there are a lot of duplicate companies operating under different names just spamming and jamming the results.

You know the  ironic part? This post will probably rank eventually for some essay-related term. And some dumb-ass will come along and leave a comment 🙂