Amsterdam’s “No Toking” Signs On Sale Next Week

I read earlier this week about the “no pot smoking” street signs in Amsterdam that are being stolen by those who apparently into the evil weed who thought they make pretty good souvenirs. So the city — or the Baarsjes district of Amsterdam — has decided to sell them. I’ve got a friend or two who I thought would find it amusing to get one of these as a gift. I tracked down the council site, found the right page with contact details, and sent an email to find more. That page has now been updated, plus I was also emailed some additional information. The signs go on sale through the web next week, and more “no toking” items will follow. Here’s the info I just got emailed:

Information about purchasing the “blowverbodsbord” (no toking sign)

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your interest in our sign. It has taken a while to inform you about how to purchase the sign. We did not expect the enormous response.

Monday the 13th of february at 16.00 hours local time the sites and will start. You will find information about purchasing the sign on these sites and you will be able to pay by creditcard.

The sign is 60 cm in diameter and made from highquality material. The sign can be delivered to you if you pay the shipping costs. Delivery time is approximately three weeks.

In due time we will offer you also other ”no toking” products like caps, t-shirts and different stickers.

If you have a creative idea for a new “no toking” product we would be most interested. In that case please contact . If your idea gets produced, you will receive a free sign and of course a free sample of your product.

We hope to have informed you.

Many greetings from Amsterdam

Geert Jan Stolk

Postscript: Since I posted this, the original sites have gone down, replaced by domain parking services. Go here to order the signs.