Lego Arrested Development

My 11 year old loves Arrested Development. He loves Lego. I guess it was inevitable the two would collide. He’s been busy constructing scenes from Arrested Development out of Lego. Here, Gob is about to make the yacht Lucille disappear:

Arrested Development Lego: Gob Makes Yacht Disappear

Here, Gob is hanging out with one of the many girls of low self-esteem during Spring Break:

Girls With Low Self-Esteem Lego

Here, Gob regrets letting Buster in on his magic (OK, illusion!) act:

Arrested Development Lego: Buster & Gob

After I posted these, he got a request on Twitter for the banana stand and Gob on his Segway. So he dived in:

George Michael, Gob & The Banana Stand

Curious if others had the inspiration to combine Legos and Arrested Development, I did some searching. I’m asking to get permission to show photos for some of these. In the meantime, you can click to view those that aren’t embedded.

Here’s a nice one of George Michael in flying suit gear taking on the Tobias the Mole over the miniature village that Gob had Buster build:

George Michael & Tobias Do Battle

The photo was taken by Jordan Chesbrough and is used with permission. The scene was created by Jon Furman.

Here’s the banana stand from Camera Wences, and used with permission:

I like Buster with a hooked hand!

From Nannan Z on Flickr (and shown with permission), here’s a huge Gob on the Segway at the construction site:

From unfulphilled on Flickr (and shown with permission), here’s one of the entire Bluth family:

Here’s another of the banana stand with a better Buster, Gob also on a Segway and with flames! The same person also has a great one of the stair car.