Blog Tag: 5 Things You Don’t Know About Danny Sullivan

There’s a new blog tag game going around where you have to "tag" five people
and get them to tell 5 things others might not know about them. I got tagged by
multiple people and OK, I’ll bite.

  1. I restored all the wooden floors in our old house, the wooden staircase
    and opened up four fireplaces. If I never see a dust mask or sander again (I
    burned through three of them), I’ll be happy.
  2. I shoot a pretty good game of pool honed by working my way through college
    as a youth leader in a recreation center. Pool tables were a central feature.
    I went from slop to call pocket as a survival mechanism.
  3. Robert Heinlein is my favorite author, and I wrote him a letter as a kid.
    He sent back a personal reply, one of my favorite possessions.
  4. My first job was for Carl’s Jr. flipping burgers in a mall. Like
    Fast Times At Ridgemont High,
    only without Phoebe Cates. To this day, I can crack open heads of lettuce in
    ways that will stun anyone who isn’t a fast food professional.
  5. I think ichthyosaurs are pretty cool and discovered that domain name
    hadn’t been registered several years ago. So, I gabbed it. A few months ago, I
    finally did something with it and started
    The Ichthyosaurs Blog
    . Ichthyosaurs are dinosaurs that look a lot like
    today’s dolphins. The best news story so far this year was a new species
    discovered, the Ping
    Pong Ichthyosaur
    , named after fossils that were left under a university
    ping pong table for many years. My blog feed, by the way, as two subscribers
    — me and someone else.
  6. Bonus fact — because at first I thought I’d blogged everything about
    myself but then came up with six items!

    Matt McGee, I used to write a traffic column. He did it for the Los
    Angeles Daily News. I did it for the Los Angeles Times’ Orange County Edition.
    Sorry, Google News Archive
    has been absolutely useless in pointing you to any. So was

pointed to the Blog
Tag Tree
and links to many search marketers who have been tagged. I’ve got a
ton of people I’d love to tag, but they’ve either been hit already (central
registration of this game would have helped) or don’t have blogs. ShoeMoney, so
far, probably had the most jaw dropping revelation I’ve seen with

his story
of massive weight-loss. I’ll kick it out to the researcher area. I


  1. says

    I learned how to whack lettuce like that when I was 16 years old, under the stern supervision of a very large, “greasy spoon” burger joint owner. She would yell at me if I didn’t get a clean hit and had to force out the stem with my fingers. Scarred me for life :)

  2. says

    1. now you lost me. SEO is not rocket science. That was clearly established by a renowned SEM consultant. Putting a new roof on a house is also not rocket science which was established by a renowned SEO. Floor restoring isn’t it either, obviously, because you did it, like SEO. No rocket science – no problem, right? Are you bad at PPC? That must be rocket science then, right? Wait… 😉
    Little memory test hehe.
    2. cool, I love pool. I plan to get a table for my house, what I get when I get my green card, what I get when they have visa numbers available, what they will when the democrats decide to pay the ransom of a couple million illegal immigrants to the republican. Cool. you have to come by in 2 or 3 years when I get it. It’s easy to remember, it will be around my 10th anniversary of my new life in California. around the time when I can apply for american citizenship.
    Plenty of time to home the skills eh?! 😉
    I know that you are a “Tommy” now, but I hope you have still some “trash talking” skills in you. That’s half the game right there.
    3. don’t know him, don’t say anything
    4. Carl’s Jr. sucks. I prefer Wendy’s, but I think that makes no difference for somebody on the other side of the micro at the drive-through I guess hehe.
    5. Don’t worry. Just blog 2-3 times a month and you will get a lot more subscribers to it. I know from personal experience. I have an ultra-niche blog myself (no joke). It’s up for 10 months now and I have already 10 subscribers (okay 9, bloglines does not count hehe).
    6. Exciting! how was your “ranking” and organic traffic to your house in orange county hehe