Damn Comment Spammers

I know TypeKey is a hassle commenting here, but I took it down two days ago to test some things at the Daily SearchCast site. I haven’t been back to switch it on until today. Fortunately, Movable Type also has some built-in spam filtering tools. Eleven completely junk spams were caught, in that time. Yeah, […]

My My Yahoo Is Broken :(

So I spent some time getting a new page together listing all the feeds at Search Engine Land, complete with all the little icons for various readers that FeedBurner makes it easy to assemble. Then I think hmm, better test to see if these actually work. The My Yahoo button is one of the most […]

Excluding Movable Type Listings By Category

Want to exclude a category in Movable Type? When I went looking, all the searches I did and Movable Type’s specific page on the issue suggested I’d need a special plug in. But the page about MTEntries made reference to a NOT tag. Sure enough, when I tried something like: <MTEntries category="NOT Test"> Any entries […]

Techmeme & Fast Look At Other Meme Trackers

Technically, Friday is my day off. No search blogging for me. But while I work on other stuff, I can’t help but keep an eye on the news. Unfortunately, my favorite site to summarize what’s going on, Techmeme, has felt sluggish of late. Consistently this week, I’ve seen stories (from across the blogosphere) that normally […]

Case Study: Digg Versus Google News Traffic

I had an unusual event yesterday at the Search Engine Watch Blog. One of our stories hit Digg at the same time another story became wildly popular through Google News. One case study does not a rule make. I repeat again, one example is not the rule. But in this case, Google News produced traffic […]

Google Reader Sez: You Have No Fun

Playing with Google Reader tonight, I used the Browse link next to the Add Subscription link to see what Reader recommends. They have four "feed bundles," one which is called "Fun." I’m up for fun, especially when it means I’ll get video from Stephen Colbert or The Daily Show sent to me. Both are part […]

Techmeme On The Google-YouTube Deal

I love Techmeme as my "newspaper" for the web, to show me what the blogosphere is chattering about as a big story. Today, that’s the Google purchase of YouTube. Check out the top of Techmeme: Here is the entire coverage on Techmeme. Wow:

Thumbs Up On Google Reader

I wrote earlier of playing with some online news readers. Bloglines seemed the most impressive to me at first glance, while Google Reader was a write-off. Flip that around for me now, because the new release of Google Reader is great. And unlike Bloglines, it’s been pretty fast. I started playing with Bloglines more this […]

Syncing My Software-Based & Online Feedreading

I’m a happy camper reading feeds through software, RSS Bandit in particular, as I’ve covered before. But when I’m traveling, I’ve learned to keep off the feeds entirely. I don’t need to find I have 5,000 items built up if I’m running around for a week. Still, I want to check in on things to […]