How To Shrink A Giant Outlook PST File

Periodically, I shrink my Outlook PST file. For one reason, it’s easier to back it up manually from time to time when it’s smaller. For another, I guess I feel things just run better when it’s small and tidy. Today, I shrank my file from over 1.1 GB to 80MB, a pretty drastic reduction. Being […]

Using Email Clients To Get To Gmail When Gmail Goes Down

Twitter’s all buzzing with the news that Gmail and Google-hosted mail through Google Apps has gone down. The Google Apps status page also confirms it. The thing is, it’s not down if you use an email client that pulls information in via POP or IMAP protocols. I’m happily still getting my mail — and you […]

Google Needs To Learn Browser Isn’t Best

A few weeks ago, my computer crashed. Suddenly, I was fully living in the cloud, depending on Gmail for my email, Google Calendar for my calendar, until I could get Outlook up and running again. And I realized that despite Google wanting the browser to be the interface to everything, software applications still have a […]

Gmail Suddenly Dumps Ton Of Spam Into My Inbox

I keep my inbox pretty clean, and Gmail does an excellent job at prevent spam from even reaching it. That’s why I was stunned about a half-hour ago to discover that suddenly, Outlook was downloading over 1,000 new messages that fortunately were then being routed to my spam folder. What was going on? I did […]

8 Tips For Dealing With Email Overload

A few years ago, I remember having like 400 email messages in my inbox and feeling completely overwhelmed. I wanted to get through them all but then did the math. If I spent only one minute answering each email, that was going to take an entire day. And more would come in, plus I knew […]

The Great Gmail Import & My Short Life With Web-Based Mail

About two weeks ago, I dived in to merge two years worth of mail from one Gmail account to my existing Google Apps mail account. I wanted to cover how it went and how it caused me inadvertently to abandon my cherished desktop client, Outlook, for two weeks. No, it didn’t make me a web-based […]

Merging Gmail & Google Apps Mail Accounts

I’ve had a Gmail account since the day they were first offered, back in April 2004. Then at the end of 2006, I opened up a new Google-hosted mail account under my own domain name using Google Apps, which I highly recommend. It provided me with all the great archiving and spam filtering that made […]

Gmail POP Troubleshooter Utility Released

For whatever reason, I couldn’t get some of my messages from Outlook to actually send through Gmail this weekend. I went through the various things I’ve tried when this has happened in the past and settled on the solution of deleting my Gmail account settings and entering them anew into Outlook. When I went to […]