26 Reasons Kids (Or Anyone) Should Not Be Allowed On BuzzFeed


After seeing BuzzFeed’s “26 Reasons Kids Should Not Be Allowed On Facebook” post, I couldn’t help myself. It was yet another one of those stories that pulls a bait-and-switch, cleverly I’ll admit, and made me feel dumb for getting sucked into such stupid stuff, along with feeling despair that is this really where journalism is heading, […]

Why CBS Should Keep Its Business Out Of CNET’s Business

CBS Corporation | Investor Relations | SEC Filings

I find it hard to believe that anyone from the CBS Corporation would try to dictate what CBS News could and couldn’t cover because of CBS business issues. Trying to interfere with broadcast news like that is fodder for movies and TV shows like “Broadcast News” and “The Newsroom.” It’s no more acceptable to think CBS would interfere with […]

How I Lost My Hacker News Name

I’m not on Hacker News a lot, but occasionally I do comment. When I do, you’ll see me there as sullivandanny. I’m also dannysullivan, but I can’t have that account. Forgot my password, and that’s that, apparently. When you create a Hacker News account, unlike most places I register with, you’re not required to provide […]

The Closed, Unfriendly World Of Wikipedia


Right now, Wikipedia is busy asking for donations to stay afloat. Here’s a thought. If it wants donations, maybe open things up so that outsiders feel like they can contribute expert knowledge without wasting their time. A Debate Over Notability Here’s a case in point. About two weeks ago, Jessie Stricchiola let me know that […]

Amazon Welcomes Back Its California Affiliates

amazon affiliate

Oh, so now you love me, Amazon? After dropping its affiliates as sacrificial pawns in its game with California over paying sales tax, Amazon won a one-year reprieve — and now it wants its pawns like me back. Welcome Back Here’s the email I just received: As you may have heard, California Governor Jerry Brown has […]

What If Julie & Julia Met Groupon?

I’m pondering allowing Groupon to lead my life for me — saying yes to every offer that comes along. Here’s a look at how my life would have already been improved over the past week, if I had done so! Today, the first of my six kickboxing classes (cost $25) would have begun. Yesterday, I […]