My Fall Of The Berlin Wall Story

before and after

Growing up as a Cold War kid in the 1970s, I was fascinated by Berlin. I’d read of the airlift, the city being divided then the construction of the Berlin Wall. I always wanted to visit the city. Little did I realize in the year that I did, the wall would actually come down. In […]

Of Racism, Prejudice & Discrimination

When I was a senior in high school, I was fortunate enough to attend a leadership camp that taught me that we all have prejudices, but those prejudices don’t make us racists. There’s a huge gap between those two things that I fear gets terribly lost when discussions of race come up. The Tech Is […]

They Do Grow Up Fast

I heard the boys playing downstairs the other day, as I lay in bed, waking up on a Saturday morning. And it really came home to me more than ever. The times I’ll hear them both playing as kids, as they were, are becoming fewer and fewer. doing Parents I’ve known over the years, those […]

You Don’t Heal So Fast Anymore

I skinned my right arm over the weekend, right below the elbow. I was rollerblading through a parking lot along the beach here in Newport, and a big truck decided to pull into a parking space I was passing. Diving for the asphalt was the fastest way to avoid getting hit by a very large […]

10 Years As A Dad

Ten years ago today, my life changed forever. I became a father. A decade has passed, and it seems like yesterday and forever, simultaneously. I’d thought about being a father before I became one, but I didn’t fully comprehend how much it changes you once it happens. For one, you’re ready to die for them. […]

The Hard Things

Almost every night, I rollerblade along the beach. The predominant wind is at my back as I head out down the boardwalk, pushing me along. It’s like flying, no effort. But then the sidewalk ends, and it’s time to skate into the wind. The flying is done. Now it’s all work, all effort, and I […]

The Coming & Going Of Friends, In A Facebook World

It took me some time when I was younger, back in my college days, to realize that being friends with someone didn’t necessarily mean for life. Some friends were like chapters in a book; read and part of the whole book but not part of the following chapters in the book. Some friends were part […]

New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not a big New Year’s Resolutions maker, but I thought I’d do a few for 2009. Stop Chewing My Cheek What the hell am I doing in that photo? Andy Beal shot it, thought it would make a funny caption contest but kindly decided to check with me first. I told him what I […]

Ivar & The Circle Of Furniture Life

Oh, Ivar. I welcome you back into my life. It’s been too long, my old friend. The smell of your freshly cut pine (are you pine?) once again fills my office nook. Your presence brings me nearly full circle through my life of home furnishing. I thought you were gone, but you return once again, […]