After Two Days, Minecraft Is Topping Grossing App In iTunes

top paid top grossing

Still don’t know Minecraft? Well, if you use iTunes, the block-building virtual world game is giving you a wake-up call. The game is now the top grossing app on iTunes and settling between the top third and fourth paid app overall. Minecraft Pocket Edition was released on November 17 and formally announced yesterday at MineCon, […]

Move Over Angry Birds, It’s The Minecraft Coming Out Party

Minecon Las Vegas

Angry Birds? That’s so 2010. The hot game you might not have heard of yet, but chances are your kids know, is Minecraft. And 5,000 Minecrafters have descended upon Las Vegas for MineCon, the first-ever event for Minecraft. During today’s keynote, Markus Persson — Notch — the creator of Minecraft officially took Minecraft out of beta status. […]