King Tides Hit Newport Beach: Before & After


Yesterday, today and tomorrow, what are known as “king tides” are occurring. These are exceptionally high tide caused by how both the sun and the moon pull on the water. In my city of Newport Beach, they’ve pushed the harbor to extremes. Today, we had flooding in a few places. It would have been far worse […]

SB 152 Doesn’t Apply To Newport Beach Residential Piers

One of the reasons the city of Newport Beach claims that it must increase the rents on residential piers is due, in part, to SB 152, a bill authored by California State Senator Fran Pavley. However, Pavley’s office tells me it doesn’t apply. You can read more about SB 152 here and here. It required the State Land Commission […]

What’s A Fair Market Rate For Newport Harbor Residential Piers?

Next Tuesday, the Newport Beach City Council meets again about assessing fair market rental rates on residential docks. But what’s the fair market rate for space over pubic waters that’s unlikely to be rented to anyone but the adjacent property owner? That’s a key question I’ve had in the current debate over proposed increases. Newport […]