The Japanese Tsunami Reaches Newport Beach

Hours after terrible earthquake that hit Japan, the tsunami it generated washed across the Pacific and hit the shores of California. It’s the second time in about a year I’ve witnessed this happen. Unlike last year’s Chile quake, it seemed to be less noticeable. I shot tons of video that pretty much showed little. So […]

The Chilean Tsunami Hits Newport Beach: Small, But Noticeable

There was no danger here in Newport Beach from the tsunami caused by the Chilean earthquake. That’s good, since local residents like ourselves got warning calls from the city an hour after the waves hit. But despite the thousands of miles, you could see them arrive and have an impact. The waves came just after […]

Support Chronic Tacos In Its Planning Commission Appeal


Chronic Tacos is a Newport Beach gem. Great, inexpensive Mexican food. Started in 2001 in West Newport Beach, the original store often has a huge line stretching out the door. Now Chronic has the opportunity to expand — allowing places for people to actually sit down and eat — but the Newport Beach planning commission […]

Making The Balboa Boardwalk Safer

For the past few months, I’ve been part of a Newport Beach city committee looking at how to make the Balboa Boardwalk safer for the many different people who use it, ranging from those on bicycles, to pedestrians, to people using Segways and considering the habits of out-of-town tourists versus local residents. I consider the […]