Why I Destroyed An Official Republican Party Document

but it's official

I’m concerned that I’ll be heading straight to jail soon, given that I’ve purposely destroyed an “Official Republican Party Document.” More seriously, I’m concerned that a major political party is sending out such misleading junk mail. For all I know, the Democratic National Committee does the same thing. I generally vote Democrat, but I’m not […]

Dear Rupert Murdoch: Let’s Talk Piracy & “The Simpsons”

The Simpsons on FOX – Official Site

Rupert, my son had a simple request. “Daddy, can we watch last week’s episode of The Simpsons?” No, son, we can’t. You can blame Rupert Murdoch for that. Rupert, I know you’re all upset about all those SOPA & PIPA protests last week. Why, without them, how will you keep all your shows from being […]

The Nutty, Stupid World Of ZoneAlarm Renewals

This might be the last year I renew with ZoneAlarm. I like the security software and have used it for years. But they crazy and somewhat misleading renewal process is making me feel less than valued. My subscription was nearing its end, so I got this warning telling me to renew. Clicking through, the price […]

The Closed, Unfriendly World Of Wikipedia


Right now, Wikipedia is busy asking for donations to stay afloat. Here’s a thought. If it wants donations, maybe open things up so that outsiders feel like they can contribute expert knowledge without wasting their time. A Debate Over Notability Here’s a case in point. About two weeks ago, Jessie Stricchiola let me know that […]

A Sad Conversation With Dell Returns

Two months ago, I ordered a monitor extender from Dell. It didn’t work as I’d expected. I thought I returned it. Today, I learned hadn’t. Horror — it’s now 20 days past Dell’s 21 day return policy. Would they be flexible? Would they be understanding? No. Worse, they were just inept and wasteful of my […]