FlyClear Discount Code Benefits Everyone!

While I’m not happy with how well the FlyClear airport security program works, I can’t fault its affiliate program. Since I wrote about it and posted my discount code of DSCAM1167602, the referrals have been rolling in at an amazing pace. NOTE (Sept. 20, 2010 : See Clear Airport Security Is Back, With All The […]

Heathrow Shoe Scanning Absurdity

Heathrow is continuing with secondary screening in Terminal 3, which I think started several months ago. It serves no real security purpose that I can see, since you can easily bypass it. First you’ve got your regular security — shoes off, plastic bag for your toiletries, laptop out, you know the drill. Made it? Then […]

Security Absurdity At John Wayne Airport

I’m currently on a Delta flight to Salt Lake City, feeling fortunate to have made it aboard. About a half hour ago, I was held in security at John Wayne Airport in Orange County and being asked if I wanted the entire airport to be shut down. Wow. It was one of those bizarre experiences […]