SXSW: When Hashtags Go Wild

Hashtags can be handy. Hashtags can be good. But in my first trip to the SXSW conference, ironically, I’m getting a first-hand view of when hashtags can go totally wrong. Someone decided it would be a great idea for every session to have a hashtag. OK, I get that. It makes it easy to see […]

The 2 Laws Of Sporting Events & Twitter

As the Orange County Angels of Los Angeles in Anaheim continue into the playoffs, I’ve found myself not only watching baseball on TV for the first time but also tweeting updates. Meanwhile, as some football teams I don’t know about play against each other in games I don’t care about, I find myself yawning when […]

How To Add Twitter To Google Wave

Yes, the Google Wave invites are going out. All logged in? Now it’s time to start tweeting from Google Wave. Here’s how. The only Twitter client I know of is called Tweety the Twitbot. Today, I’ve also seen it called Twave, though the application itself still doesn’t seem to use that name. I used Tweety […]

How The Prop 8 Overturned Rumor On Twitter Happened

I was amazed to see in my Twitter stream that the California Supreme Court had overturned Proposition 8 and quickly retweeted the news. Only it wasn’t so. The story everyone’s been pointing at is from almost a year ago. So what caused that to rise to attention in Twitter? NOTE (Aug. 4, 2010): Since this […]

@Replies: A Compromise

Twitter, which recently made it so that you would automatically see anyone who @replied to you regardless of where they put your name in a message, changed things dramatically in the opposite direction. Now you probably won’t see some messages from people you follow if they are @replies to people you do not follow. That’s […]

Time For Verified Twitter Accounts & An Easy Way To Do It

I’m not the first to talk about the problem with knowing whether a “real person” is behind an account on Twitter. I’m probably not the first to suggest this solution, either. But I’ll add another voice to hoping Twitter makes account verification possible. It would help. I was struck when reading the blog of LeVar […]