Gearing Up For SMX West

Occasionally, I mention work stuff here. And the big thing work-wise is that our SMX West search marketing conference is approaching. It runs Feb. 10-12 in Santa Clara, California. I wrote a preview of the show that hopefully covers all the bases about what we’re offering (50 sessions, lots of topics for people of all […]

Search Engine Land Redesigns

Just a quick note to say that Search Engine Land unveiled its new look today. Tons of work has gone into it (and we’re still doing more to tune things up today). Check out my post over there about all the new changes: Search Engine Land’s New Look.

Embargoes, Prebriefings & Exclusives

For those who aren’t aware, much news is “embargoed,” which means a news publication receives information ahead of an agreed release date. There are good reasons for embargoes. But they sometimes get broken, which can be frustrating for those other publications that play by the rules. Michael Arrington today at TechCrunch has had his frustration […]

Apologies For Having Been An Asshole

I was an asshole to some good people who turned out to speak for me at SMX Advanced, and I’d like to apologize. In the debate over blackhat content that erupted after the show, I wrote of being embarrassed. We had excellent speakers who presented outstanding material, and I’m sorry my poor response to the […]

I Know The Google Founders & These Ain’t Them

This one’s for David Krane — promised him I’d finally get this posted. Remember that business about Microsoft wanting to buy Yahoo? It made the news here in the UK, Sky News. Watching the news that night (after a long day of writing about the story myself), I about spit out my Diet Coke when […]

SEM No Longer A Boys Club?

Jacqueline Dooley sent me a link to a nice piece she did looking at what it was like attending SES back in 2000 — the very first New York show, and only the second SES ever held — compared to the massive event last week. From that, I spotted Rebecca Lieb’s Search Chicks piece, talking about how SES and […]

First Webinar Next Week & My New Conference

A bunch of people started reading Daggle to keep up with what I’m doing in my post-Search Engine Watch life. I mentioned my Search Engine Land site already but realize I forgot to post about Search Marketing Expo and Search Marketing Now. Search Marketing Expo will be a conference series of my own, with the […]

My New Search Site: Search Engine Land

In News On My Plans For Next Year, I said that I would be starting a new search blog. I now have more news on that to pass along, it will be called Search Engine Land, located at I plan to continue writing about search with original content as well as commenting about the search news of the day. Joining […]

News On My Plans For Next Year

I’m currently on vacation, which is a bad time to announce some of my plans for 2007. But I reached an agreement with Incisive on Search Engine Strategies literally minutes before leaving, which I can now talk about. In short, I’ll be chairing the SES NY 2007 show, co-chairing the SES SJ 2007 event and […]