Why CBS Should Keep Its Business Out Of CNET’s Business

CBS Corporation | Investor Relations | SEC Filings

I find it hard to believe that anyone from the CBS Corporation would try to dictate what CBS News could and couldn’t cover because of CBS business issues. Trying to interfere with broadcast news like that is fodder for movies and TV shows like “Broadcast News” and “The Newsroom.” It’s no more acceptable to think CBS would interfere with […]

Conjunction Complex Sentence Misfunction

I’m fond of compound sentences, and I struggle to write without them. Why do I feel no single sentence can stand alone, without being connected to yet another? I sometimes read what others have written. Complex sentences often seem the exception, rather than the norm with my writing. Years ago I started writing a non-fiction […]

Why I Blog

Fine, Barry. I’ll play the latest game. So why I blog? 1) Because I actually think about stuff other than search. Sometimes. Like when I can. And it’s nice to write about it. Because, you know, I’m a writer. Or I try. 2) Like Barry, it’s a handy way to keep track of stuff I […]

Writing Styles: What’s Fun & Not

I never planned to be a writer. I wasn’t a big writer growing up. I didn’t write fiction, never worked for the student newspaper, didn’t keep a journal. I sort of stumbled into it by wanting to avoid any more math when I was deciding on my college major. Math wasn’t my thing in high […]

Dear S. Larson Of Citibank: You’re Not Real, So Please Retire

I’ve had a Citibank credit card since I was in college. That’s nearly two decades of being with them, which means that little table they stuck up one day at UC Irvine has provided pretty good ROI for the company. Over the years, I’ve had various letters from Citibank, usually signed by the hard-working S. […]

Sneaked Versus Snuck & Past Tense Versus Past Participle

Driving back from the airport this weekend after our vacation, I put on an audio CD for the kids, one of the Horrid Henry stories. In part of the story, he was said to have “sneaked” into a room. Sneaked? Surely he “snuck” into the room, I thought. But then I lost confidence. Have I […]