Clear: US Security System Launches Affiliate Program

I’ve written before about the Clear program in the US, designed to get you through security faster. Yes, I eventually did get my card since I last wrote. Today, a surprise in my email. Clear has an affiliate program! If you get a friend to sign-up, you get a free month of service. Heh. Below, the full email. Hey, if you sign-up, use my code!

NOTE (Sept. 20, 2010 : See Clear Airport Security Is Back, With All The Downsides about the resumption of the Clear program, after Clear closed on June 22, 2009. Also see my category on Clear for any further news about the program that I may have posted since this note.

Refer a friend or family member to join Clear and receive a complimentary month of Clear membership. Spread the news of this groundbreaking, time saving program. Show your friends and family how savvy travelers bypass airport security lines.

Earn a free month for every friend!

There is no limit on the number of months that you can earn. For instance, if you refer 12 friends, you’ll receive a complimentary year of Clear membership!

Your friends benefit too!

Your friend will also receive a complimentary month when they enroll in Clear just by entering your Refer-A-Friend code during online enrollment at Once they are approved and receive their cards, they will get a free month, and an extra month will be added to your existing membership for each person you refer.

Your Refer-A-Friend code: DSCAM1167602

Get your friends and family to sign up today. We know that our members are our biggest advocates. We appreciate your support, and we think that this promotion is one way to show our gratitude as you help Clear expand. For offer details visit

So take advantage of this first-time friends and family promotion and spread the success of Clear.

POSTSCRIPT: See FlyClear Discount Code Benefits Everyone! on how well the program has been doing.