Dealing With Outlook’s Duplicate Contacts

One of the downsides of my awesome new XV6700 Windows Mobile Smartphone was that somewhere along the way, I ended up with duplicate Outlook contacts. Yeah, I know there are ways to avoid this. Believe me, I didn’t intend for it to happen. But these things are part of living the Microsoft life. Let’s skip […]

Video Conferencing That Works

Russell Beattie had a post recently that made me laugh out loud, a virtual identical experience to the many I’ve had in trying to get my wife going with video conferencing, so I could talk with the kids while I’m on a trip. But on my last trip, life improved greatly for me on the […]

After Six Years, The Inland Revenue Decides I Owe It £111

I’ve got so much to write about. My dalliance with the Treo 700W before deciding XV6700 was the better choice as a broadband-equipped smart phone. Loving my new Swatch SPOT watch, as I showed Robert Scoble last week. But I’m diving back in to blogging with everyone’s favorite subject, taxes. Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs […]