When Did Matt Cutts Lose His Conference Virginity?

One of the remarkable things about SES Chicago was the number of search engine reps that lost their "conference virginity," as some of us were joking. Several of the eight Googlers I mentioned in my 8 Googler Alternatives To Superstar Matt Cutts post at Search Engine Land were brand new to speaking at the show. […]

Wii Rocks (But Doesn’t Seem Region Free)!

About two weeks after the US, the Nintendo Wii finally arrived in the UK. I’d preordered and picked mine up yesterday. So far, it’s a big thumbs up. Sure, it’s not HD-quality images. Who cares! The games and the unique controllers are a ton of fun. So far, I’ve played Wii Sports, which came with […]

Radioactive British Airways Flights

I’m not sure if the news has jumped over the pond about the radiation found on at least three British Airways planes, all part of murder of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko. I gather those with the radioactive material used to poison Litvinenko flew on some BA jets, leaving traces of the material on those […]