Dave Naylor’s New MySpace Site, TickMe

Dave Naylor has launched his own MySpace type of place,
TickMe. I think he did it solely to be in
the Top 10 Male league.
Please someone make me less pathetic:

TickMe Banner

I have a tick ratio of 0 percent. And c’mon
Matt, sign-up. You know you can totally
knock Dave right out of there.


  1. pratt says

    I’m sending 1 tick your way my friend. You’re doing better now too Danny, in fact you are in the top 10!
    Do you think you can out tick Matt if he signs up?

  2. says

    I can’t help but think it’s all a plot by Dave to build up psych profiles of SEOs. :) “Ah, Adam, yes, his star sign is mumble-mumble and the best way to approach him for reinclusion is to get him drinking pina coladas in the rain.”