Why I Destroyed An Official Republican Party Document

I’m concerned that I’ll be heading straight to jail soon, given that I’ve purposely destroyed an “Official Republican Party Document.” More seriously, I’m concerned that a major political party is sending out such misleading junk mail.

For all I know, the Democratic National Committee does the same thing. I generally vote Democrat, but I’m not trying to make this into a political issue. I just don’t think anyone should send out this type of misleading crap.

Take a look:

This “survey” was purposely designed to fit into an envelope where only the top part was showing, the part that has “2012 Presidential Platform Survey” message appearing, along with that scary sounding “This document is registered” line.

Opening it, you get that bigĀ “Official Republican Party Document – Do Not Destroy” message, which is also scary. I mean, I didn’t ask for this to be sent to me. No one did. There are no consequences to anyone destroying this just as we might destroy all types of junk mail. So what’s up with trying to make that threat?

I’m used to getting crappy junk mail from companies that try to pretend they’re “official” in some nature. I’m not expecting that from a major political party. As jaded as I am about politics, I’m expecting a little more honesty than that. A lot more honesty.

This type of mailing seems especially designed to hit people who might be easily confused, people who might assume they should voluntarily give up demographic information about themselves. Of course, that section is marked “optional.” The rest of the survey demands that we carefully review and respond within the next seven days.

Americans have enough crap mail in our lives. We don’t need this from our political parties. There’s a pledge I’d like to see them both live up to.


  1. says

    For every one piece of misleading propaganda the GOP sends out, the Dems probably send out ten (often in the form of Hollywood movies, union pamphlets, social media and traditional media outlets).

  2. says

    all it takes to stop that sh*t is have one good leader in the mainstream public eye who doesn’t do any of it.

    then there is be no contest, everyone will trust the good man and the others will imitate his good deeds in order to compete for authority.