First Webinar Next Week & My New Conference

A bunch of people started reading Daggle to keep up with what I’m doing in my
post-Search Engine Watch life. I mentioned my
Search Engine Land site already but
realize I forgot to post about Search
Marketing Expo
and Search Marketing Now.

Search Marketing Expo will be a conference series of my own, with the first
event happening next June 4 & 5th, in Seattle.

Search Marketing Now is a
webinar/webcast series. The first presentation there, by Chris Sherman, will
happen next Tuesday. It’s called
How to Find the
Right Search Marketing Partner
, and registration is free for the online

Search Marketing Now
Webcasts & Search Marketing Expo Conferences Announced
over at Search Engine
Land covers more about both of these new sites and services. Search Engine Land,
of course, is up and running — but our new design went up this week, and I
explain more about that in my
Welcome To Search Engine