FlyClear Discount Code Benefits Everyone!

While I’m not happy with how well the FlyClear airport security program works, I can’t fault its affiliate program. Since I wrote about it and posted my discount code of DSCAM1167602, the referrals have been rolling in at an amazing pace.

NOTE (Sept. 20, 2010 : See Clear Airport Security Is Back, With All The Downsides about the resumption of the Clear program, after Clear closed on June 22, 2009. Also see my category on Clear for any further news about the program that I may have posted since this note.

I posted about the program at the end of September. Since then, I’ve had 13 “refer-a-friend” referrals come in. That’s given me an extra 13 months of CLEAR service for free.

I was pretty surprised so wondered what was going on. Why were people bothering using my code? Some top terms used to reach my CLEAR pages explained why:

  • flyclear discount code
  • clear airport security discount code
  • clear security discount code
  • discount code for flyclear

Hmm — people are looking for a code and sure enough, Step 3 of the CLEAR enrollment process says:

Discount Code
If you have a discount code, please enter it here. The discount will only apply to Clear membership and will not apply to the TSA vetting fee unless otherwise noted.

Clearly (heh, pun intended), people are hitting that step, wondering if there’s a discount code floating out there and coming across my page. Well, if you’re one of those needing a code, here it is again:


The real advantage to this program is that both parties win. I get an extra month of CLEAR, but so does the person who uses the code. So use it!