How To Print From The iPad

Despite what some people may think, it’s easy to print from the iPad. No special drivers are needed, and many people already have an iPad-capable printer. Below, how to print from the iPad.

Step 1

How To Print From The iPad

First, you need to load what you want to print on the iPad. Above, I’ve loaded up my recent post about emailing with Steve Jobs about the size of iTunes updates.

Step 2

How To Print From The iPad

Next, prepare you printer. iPad-capable printers all have lids that open. Lift the lid.

Step 3

How To Print From The iPad

Send what you want to print from the iPad to the print queue. This is done by placing the iPad directly on top of the printer, in order to establish a strong analog connection.

Step 5

Use your printer’s “copy” command, which is specifically designed for analog printing. Voila! You’ve printed from the iPad:

How To Print From The iPad

Postscript: Derek Miller also pointed me to this similar post that I hadn’t seen from back in April on how to print from your iPad.


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    Fantastic! I love it. I suppose that these means the ipad has extended fax support as well, correct?

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