I Bought A Mac

Me & My Mac

Who knew that I would buy a Mac before finishing my yet-to-come “25 Reasons I Hate Apple” list. Yes, if hell is freezing over — if dogs and cats are playing together — if blackhat and whitehat SEOs are holding hands, perhaps I shifted the universe with my purchase.

Here’s the deal. All the Search Engine Land editors had a meeting at SMX West, as Barry’s blogged. I sat down and flipped open my trusty Toshiba Windows XP machine, which I’ve had to go back to while my super-wonderful Sony Vista laptop goes back for repairs. I was the only one without a Mac. Sigh. I knew I’d been beaten.

Plus, the new Macbooks had come out. So I now own a MacBook Pro, 15″ screen, 2.4 GHz. I bought VMWare so that I can get Windows XP running on it, as my security blanket. And I was mean and rude to the Mac employee who sold it to me, complaining I should be able to just buy Mac software for my Intel computers and what, Steve Jobs doesn’t have enough money that he has to resist that.

Seriously, Steve — want more people to buy Macs? Just let them get the software.

I suspect I’m one of the most disgruntled Mac owners out there now, since I bought the machine almost against my will. Maybe I’ll grow to love it. So far after the 10 minutes I’ve spent with it, I’m still friggin annoyed there’s no way to maximize a window to take up the entire screen. WTF — why does this not bother Mac people? And that annoying toolbar/finder/whatever thing at the bottom of the screen, I want that to go away. And figuring out how to get a new tab in supposedly wonderful Safari, ugh.


I bought a Mac :)


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    It takes about 2 weeks to get (m)acclimated. Just get used to pushing that little Apple button all the time. Safari is crap though, stick with Firefox.

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    Freaky, we’re living in a parallel universe. After making a major professional change last week it became glaringly obvious that I needed a Mac if I wanted to survive. So, yesterday, I visited the Mac store and after a few minutes of “playing” I got incredibly frustrated by my Windows expectations. One of those was the ability to maximize a window as you noted. However, I assumed I was just too new and surely, there must be a way that I would discover after my Mac-Initiation. After all, there’s some special club you get a membership to after purchase… like joining the Masons. Suddenly, you’re a cool kid.
    Congrats on the purchase and good luck stumbling through it! I’ll be going through Windows-rehab at the same time.

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    I bought mine last Tuesday – willingly. Vista drove me into the arms of Apple. As for your questions, I totally agree with Mike use Firefox not Safari. You can autohide the Dock by clicking Apple icon -> Dock -> Turn Hiding On however you’ll find it really handy on your nice high res screen it shows you apps you frequently launch, can be customized, and also indicates apps that are currently running with a little blue dot below the icon.

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    I can’t believe you did it, Danny. Many of my friends were going over as well but after about 8 months of hating the dumb thing, I sold it and got a Vaio.
    More details of “Why I Hated my Mac” at http://www.thejunglemap.com/post/204.
    I hope it goes better for you, but I see no value in owning one, personally.
    If you love Outlook as much as I do (which I think you do), you’ll hate entourage.

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    Well, Corey, if the Vaio I had bought hadn’t died and gone into repair …. seriously, no more Sony for me.
    I do live in Outlook. I’m trusting that VMWare will keep that going until I play with Mac Office. What I’ve seen of Entourage made me go ugh.

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    Interesting. I love my Vaio, but I do notice one of the keys sticking. What did you need to repair on yours? Was it the keyboard?

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    Wow. I feel like the last holdout now. Even my wife uses a Mac.
    Danny, was this the Sony that gave you so much trouble trying to stream webcam video with Yahoo Live! on the Valentine’s Day SearchCast?

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    Well, the Sony liked to turn itself on even when it was shutdown, just because maybe it was bored. And if I hibernated, it liked to crash. Then crash like three more times when i tried to reboot. Then it liked to pretend that the battery wasn’t charging properly so decided it needed to hibernate so I could change it — which caused it to of course crash and crash and crash.
    Matt, that was what I was using, but it was Yahoo problem more than the Sony problem. Of course now that I have the Mac, video won’t be a problem. As everyone knows, video “just works” with a Mac. And the streets are paved with gold, and everyone knows your name.

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    heh heh. This should be interesting.
    I was acting the same way the first month I owned a Mac. I was really hoping all the hype was true. I look forward to your cutting remarks on Daily Searchcast about the problems and frustrations you encounter on the new Mac.
    By the way, Webmaster Radio will not work with Zune! It’s driving me nuts. I’ve been missing the Daily Searchcast for a few months now.
    I don’t think it works for anyone with Zune, as I tried it on a brand new computer and Zune just does not like their file format.
    I try to reach someone at WMR just about every week. No one has been able to help me or return my phone calls.

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    Welcome to the world of Apple – you’ll love it – some tips.
    Parallels is much better than VM Ware-
    Command is your friend (Command + T) for tabs on Safari or Firefox or anything mactabulous.
    You’ll love your mac, remove the tool bar below via your System Preferences. (Go through the SP to learn a lot about your mac – it’s your best friend.)

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    I love my mac, I got a mac book pro a couple months ago. Now I can run all those Open GL/ Linux programs I wrote in college!
    But, I did just install windows XP on it. Still need to code some aspx, and haven’t figured out mono yet.

  12. Matt McGee says

    Danny, please follow-up in 30 days with another post. I guarantee you’ll love your Mac by then.
    BTW, have you discovered the two-finger scrolling on the touchpad? Do PCs have that?

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    Dude, you totally need to listen to me on the Born Again Mac User in two weeks, I had the exact same experience. Give it at least two weeks and you will wonder how you had any issues at all.
    Yes, you can maximize to fill the whole screen. But it is done just by grabbing the bottom right corner of the window and dragging.
    I have got a lot of convert resources at http://www.idrankthekoolaid.com

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    Dude… How can you complain about something that is so secure, built on unix, comes with an apache web server, PHP, Perl, Python and more all built in.
    It’s made for web development.
    I do have a windows machine that I use to see what MSIE 6 and 7 have butchered my html.
    @Matt McGee: I’d also like to hear how things are going after 30 days.

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    My soon-wife got a Macbook Pro for Christmas. After initial frustrations with it, I love it, too. What I like the most is the startup time. With my Windows machines, I can go take a nap before it’s ready to go.
    I admit the lack of maximizing is annoying at first and you also have to get used to the command button instead of control, oh and fn+backspace to get delete, but after a week or so you do it without thinking.

  16. guardianx says

    Congrats on the Mac Danny,
    I got my macbook a few months back after hearing many stories of grandness from a certain Evilgreenmonkey an having used one at work for a while.
    I completely agree about the Maximise thing – but after a while you forget about how insane it is not to have it. Good Move with the VMware – I use that at work for Outlook 2003 to connect to our companies exchange server – Some habits Die hard and outlook is one of them (at work anyway)
    Mambo is a great web playground check it out.

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    My wife has the Mac. I have an aging Dell and have been very tempted to make the switch back to Mac. I agree with the postings regarding Entourage, it pales in comparison to Outlook. Imagine Office 2008 Mac is not much better.??
    I’ll probably get an iPhone before the Mac, but hearing the 3G rumors makes me want to keep waiting…
    Perhaps this will help with the maximize issue:

  18. IProck says

    I’ve been periodically reading your post for quite some time, but when I saw the subject, “I bought a mac” I just had to read it.
    I used to be against mac for a long time, but now I decided that I would either run linux or buy a mac before I would EVER upgrade to Windows Vista. So it was interesting to read everybody’s comments.
    I may be a future mac man too! From what I hear people who try mac don’t go back.

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    Danny – Give Mail and iCal a shot before using Entourage – the ease of use will convert you over.
    The problem most windows users have, when migrating to Mac, is that there isn’t much to do or think about other than clicking a button on your mouse. It’s so simple and is the sole reason that Mac allows the user to be more productive.
    If you receive invitations to meetings via your Outlook or Google Calendar, iCal handles them. Also Mail has some great plug ins to help with the outlook dependencies. I have the 3 panel layout on Mail with the plugin called Wide Mail – it’s free or you can donate. Most plug ins for Macs are contributed.
    I would hesitate on purchasing any additional software as well – give it a week or two, you will find there is less need for them. The one thing you will not miss – is the multitude of pop ups on windows – which is near non-existent on a mac.
    Oh and Airport is a dream – you’re online before any non-mac user.

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    Seriously, I’ve considered it after fighting with Windows Vista for the last three months. XP was heaven compared to this resource-hog-that-crashes-at-a-heartbeat-not-ready-for release…well, you get the picture.
    Now that you’ve gone over to the dark side, I suppose you’ll be getting an iPhone, too?

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    Hi Danny,
    I hope you enjoy your new Mac. I’ve been a confirmed Mac-a-holic for about 20 years and find them more user friendly I currently have 3 macs and only use Win XP to check sites I’ve designed to see if they are displayed correctly.
    PS. To enlarge a screen full size grab the lower right corner of any page on the Mac and drag to desired size. I tried to figure out the same process on Win XP and finally gave up.

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    Hey Danny
    I also bought a MacBook after years of PC ownership.
    My verdict after 6 months: meh.
    Turns out a Mac is no better than a PC. I find it clumsy in terms of operation compared to a Windows machine.
    I guess it all comes down to what you’re used to. Familiarity is what it’s all about.
    BTW: Congrats on your return to sunny California! There really is no place like home…

  23. searchenginefriend says

    Congrats on your Mac!!! I was so happy to hear this, yet shocked at the same time. I love, love, love your rants on the Daily Search Cast, but alas, was always saddened when you ranted on Apple. I hope you learn to love your Mac. I know your pain- I had to purchase a HP laptop with Vista this year to check my web sites on a PC in IE. Always best to know both platforms yes? Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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    Danny you will get used to it and love it.
    I started out on a mac back in 93 and when I moved to the US (from near where you lived in England) It took me awhile to get used to Windows as was but I somehow stuck with it.
    I went back to mac (sounds like Amy Winehouse) in 2001 I have not regretted it for a moment – it’s just so much easier and with a .mac account everything is a snap for email.
    Best Wishes

  25. Karolyn says

    I feel so frustated and do not know what to do. I convince my husband to let me get a Mac, and now I wished i have just a basic pc with XP, hope to get a pc tower in the office sooner than later. Even my scanner does not work with Mac.
    I do miss all my programs, i am not a genius but life was so easy. I do miss the right key, where is it????
    In the meantime I have to use it, do not complaint and wish we can buy a PC tower the sooner the better.

  26. XP, Vista, 7, Ubuntu user says

    1. I do realize this is an old thread and few may ever read this.
    2. To my current knowlege there is no maximize function in mac os x.
    3. “Vista drove me into the arms of Apple”/”however you’ll find it really handy…”(blue dot) – rocketdock (google it)
    4. “Even my wife uses a Mac.” – unless you have specific filetype requirements such as in a video buisness, someone else having a mac has no effect on whether you should or not, i would actually encourage not, thusly you would have more than one system in the house so if say, your pc gets a virus or apple tries to take over the world, you still have another system to use.
    5. “Well, the Sony… it liked to crash.” – i assume you are using this as an argument against a PC for a mac, but in actuality, in ANY windows baised PC after windows 2000 any “crash” such as a BSOD is caused ONLY by hardware or driver failure, in other words it is sony’s fault not “PC’s fault. that is one reason why apple USUALLY “just works” because they create BOTH the hardware and software (namely mac os x), thus they are always compatible.
    6. “Now I can run all those Open GL/ Linux programs I wrote in college!” – hey so can i!!!! except instead of a 2000$ macbook, i am running them on 300$ hardware running $0 ubuntu. isn’t the world great?
    7. “two-finger scrolling on the touchpad? Do PCs have that?” – yes and no, actually the touchpad on a mac is hardware built, thus because apple makes both HW and SW, they can throw in cool features, on a pc this requires the HW manufacturer to create HW with those features, and write a driver for windows. and most hardware manufacturers now adays spend too much time on the looks of their hardware(hp-chooo) while lacking feature and driver support.
    8. “or buy a mac before I would EVER upgrade to Windows Vista.” – windows vista has 2 issues and only 2 issues, well i’ll give you three but no more… 1, incorrect minimum reqs, vista is a pig, and you need a good pc, but with the right hardware it is ooh soo nice! 2. vista has poor device and driver support, (which truely should not be ms’s problem, HW manufacturers should get off their asses), and a freebie, 3. microsoft needs to fire their entire marketing department.
    9. “Now that you’ve gone over to the dark side, I suppose you’ll be getting an iPhone, too?” – now this is a different story, the iphone is probably the best thing apple has made since well, the ipod. if you can ignore the proprietary cr*pware requirement (itunes) then the iphone is a great device.
    10. “I tried to figure out the same process on Win XP and finally gave up.” – maximize window, how many ways do you want? i can think of 5 off of the top of my head, oh and resizing the window without ACTUALLY maximizing it? just drag the corner of the window, yes it works, actually in win7 (i was trying to avoid win7 refs cuz this is old thread) you can just drag the window to the top of the screen!

    final thoughts:
    I am a windows fanboy, that much i will admit, but don’t count me biased just yet, i tried to write this with the idea “give EVERYONE a chance” in my head. each os has its ups and its downs, and everyone has their preference, the main point i wish to stress is don’t be pressured by what others have, you may be different, and also, work with what you need, if you need a internet browser then heck don’t spend 200$+ on a xp machine which will boot slow, or 2000+ on a mac which is a waste of money get a pc out of a dumpster and throw DSL on it (d*mn small linux) on it, trust me it is fast and light.

    and for those who may think i have never used a mac, actually i have, small though it was. i was taking a tv class at my high school, and they bought 6 6000$ mac towers and loaded them up with final cut. (but they never trained the teacher?!?” w/e anyways i was actually suprised that each of these dual quad core intel xeon towers only had 2 GB of ram. yeah i know mac osx is lite but dude HD video editing needs more than 2 GB of ram, if i had a choice, i would get a core i7 6 GB ram pc running win7 and sony vegas, for a third the price, but that is just me.

    well that is it i hope i get some replies, and if i made a mistake i am sure it will be pointed out to me.

  27. dogooder says

    I was a bit surprised when this piece first came out but never commented until now. I always felt that the reason so many people buy macs is not just because they are easier to use but because they are “cool” and the “in thing” to buy. 5 of my friends are switching to Macs (i.e. laptops) and when I inquired about their reasons, all of them admitted to doing so because of the “cool” factor. Not one said anything about software, stability, service, etc. Just “it’s cool” and “everybody’s doing it.”

    As for me, I did the oppposite: I switched to PC from Mac a month ago; here’s why: I have been a diehard mac user since day one of the early Macintoshes boxes back in 1984 (yes, I’m that old). But recently, when my trusty PowerBook died, I decided to shop for a new MacBook, but none offered the features that I wanted (tablet touch input, SD card/xD/MS card slot), so I bought a Toshiba touch screen laptop for $400 and upgraded it from Vista to Win7 and Ubuntu. Very solid; I’ve already dropped it and it still works great. I’m still getting used to Windows, but there are features of it that I think are better than the Mac. Menu items that correspond to the window you are in and I don’t have to drag the mouse to the top of the screen to use the menu. On a large screen this save lots of time. I can resize windows from any side. I can change/delete/add folders from within dialogue boxes by right-clicking. Etc. Etc.

    I still love macs, but I frankly my productivity has increased damatically since switching over. And no crashes, no viruses, no worms. Will I ever go back to a Mac, — only if Apple comes out with an affordable tablet Mac; rumored but it’s screen is too small.

  28. says

    Dogooder, I might shift back to Windows. These days, I’m finding the Mac a bit slower as I try to run both XP and Mac software at the same time. I feel like life might be less complicated if I jump one way solidly — and since I still like Outlook, going Windows may make more sense. Windows 7 also seems much better than Vista.

    The real debate is mainly that I’ve lived off a laptop only for nearly 2 years now. I love how simple that’s made my life — but I want the desktop power, plus the ability to run more than two monitors. It might be I’ll go back to a desktop and stick with the Mac for travel.

    I’m also put off that the new Mac laptops don’t have removable batteries. I like having that backup, carrying a spare.

  29. dogooder says

    I saw your posting about mutlimonitors on a MacBook Pro. Very cool. As far as whether or not you should go back to Windows, I say you can have both, even if they are not in one machine. I think users should get past this tit for tat about which OS is better. MacOS and Windows 7 (or even XP) are both good — use whichever helps you to get work done. And you can even use both as you are doing.

    As a said in my original posting, I now have a Toshiba laptop. But I couldn’t resist doing some Mac stuff, so I bought a used PowerBook off of Craigslist for $100. Now I can tinker with it without worrying about destroying a nice new MacBook; but I am still loving Windows 7 and the upgradeability of the Toshiba tablet (the CPU and WiFi chips can be upgraded to faster or different chips. I wish the MacBooks had similar features but so far it appears they do not.) I’m waiting to see about this “iSlate” thing Apple may announce next month.

    I saw your excellent posting on cDixon.org’s site in response to the Google Blog post by Rosenberg about Google and openness. I must concur that Rosenberg’s piece read more like a PR-slanted newspeak out of Orwell’s 1984, saying one thing but meaning another. I recall once when people were comparing Bill Gates to the Borg; it’s ironic to see the same Borg being applied to Google. These companies are more alike than they are willing to admit.

  30. knerd says

    It would have been much cooler if you had gone into the company meeting with a regular laptop, ibm or something, and when all the corp-heads are giving you their prude “why is he not using a mac look” then start talking about mac applications, or say “can someone tell me how to get finder to … ” and they’ll be like WTF is he making a fool of us? he’s using a PC! then flip the screen to them and show them mac osx running on your PC laptop care of OSX86 project!!! And you will be on the same level as them because you’re running OSX, yet you’ll be even cooler than them because your osx operating system is running on a machine that does not have a silly apple with a bite out of it on the lid!

  31. chicpea says

    PC user for many many years. Had no problems with my dell xp. Use it now with my mac side by side and there is no difference. VMWare on the mac has put me at the same capacity of my Mac so there is no speed improvement. So why did I spent 3k on this mac to be running windows at the same capacity. All my software is windows and so what was the point of buying this Mac. I am a web designer and I was convinced that the mac was going to blow my socks off and be so much better but it is not. I use frontpage and tried dreamweaver for mac and it sucks!!! I was able to use and produce a website in a day with frontpage and with mac I can’t get past background image in a table. So far the mac has been in for repair for overheating which took 2 weeks to get back. Now my built in mic doesn’t work and the keys stick so it has to go back. What a piece of crap. Will be selling this and going back to buy for half the price a pc. DON’T BUY A MAC!