Is Jason Calacanis Great Or The Greatest?

Jason Calacanis
is great. Sure, I know there are those in the SEO community
who think he’s full of shit. But come on? Do you really understand Jason and the
reasons why you should listen to him?

To understand him, you first have to know him better. He’s not just the
"Entrepreneur in Action" at Sequoia Capital. This is the guy who has paid his
dues, first as the former editor of Silicon Alley Reporter, then as former GM of
Netscape. Away from his birthplace of Brooklyn, Jason — along with his trusty
bulldog Toro — now struggles with the bright yet beautiful sunshine of Southern
California, sometimes testy as he tries to drop some blogging weight through

Having accomplished so much, he still continues to amaze. He turns the
rejection of a phone interview into an
. When everyone thought it was over with online publishing, he pulled
out Engadget. When it was assumed Digg ruled the social news world, he conjured
up Netscape reloaded.

So much of his wisdom shows up in his blog posts. Several times he’s inspired

He also inspires outside his blog. Who could forget his smackdown with Alan Meckler in the
Wall Street Journal,

Can Bloggers Make Money?
, which I commented on in my Can Blogs Make Money? Can Web
Sites Make Money!
post. Magnificent performance.

I know a lot of people think he’s arrogant, but when you’ve hung with him as
I have, you begin to see his kinder, gentler side. He’s a pretty nice guy,
pretty engaging and never with a dull moment.

Sure, he gives SEO a bad rap. I took a big swing at him once in
Why The SEO Folks Were
Mad At You, Jason
. But hey, he also was big enough to jump in and

an SEO challenge.


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