iTunes Updates Not Too Big, Says Steve Jobs

iTunes kindly notified me that it was time for yet another update today, making me again wonder why those “updates” have to be so large. Since Steve Jobs has been busy answering emails personally for many people, I figured why not, would he comment? And he did.

I wrote:

Hi Steve-

Why do iTunes “updates” require downloads of 90MB or more? Sure, broadband is far more common these days. But it still feels wasteful that you’re not making people update but rather download an entirely new software package.

And he wrote back:

It’s about the size of one downloaded album.  Not so big.

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I know, not so big. But still, I just think it could be a lot smaller. But hey, thanks for the response!


  1. tz says

    Because iTunes is a legacy application written in the Carbon framework, not Cocoa, and whatever abomination they use for the Windows version. Think of it like Flash. Old, ugly, insecure, bloated…

    Something which ought to be gotten rid of and replaced with newer technology.

    But the wonderful iPhone/Pod/Pad still has to tether to the old decrepit mothership, but the mothership needs maintenance if only to keep the evil Palm phones or whatever else they don’t want from working with it. DRM forever!

  2. says

    It’s huge, it’s buggy and the last two updates have wrecked my iPhone, lost random purchases, and take hours and hours to sync. I’m a fan of my iPhone but Apple have really lost the plot on software release management. It’s only a file manager it’s not the heck operating system!

    You also come to realise that Apple are behind an iron curtain when these things go wrong. There are few channels, noone listens and they are so successful that they just don’t care to respond. iTunes is a mess.

    Walter @g2m

  3. Randall Stock says

    Isn’t this true of ALL of Apple’s so-called updates? It sure seems like whenever I’m told to “update” Safari, or QuickTime, or anything else that I’m stuck doing a full download.

    At some point ISPs and wireless carriers are going to have to start charging for bits, and suddenly these “updates” are going to feel expensive.

  4. Callum says

    Yes, this is ridiculous. My iTunes stopped working for no reason this morning (quick time error) so i had to reinstall iTunes, but of course i had to update and download a 90 Meg file. Another question from me… why the hell do i need QuickTime with iTunes??? VLC plays movies much smoother and loads in seconds while QuickTime always has a stupid service running and it wastes space.

  5. cqtiger says

    I only bother downloading about every 10th update unless it is something significant. Some of us are quite limited on our monthly downloads so get with apple there is plenty of competition out there