Learning To Skateboard In Orange County

Skateboarding In Newport

I’m back in the UK, vacation back at my original home of Orange County, California, now over. But I had a few things from my trip I still wanted to blog, with my skateboard lessons at the top of the list.

My two sons recently wanted skateboards. There’s a skateboard halfpipe in The Mumbles, Swansea — a seaside town in Wales where their grandmother lives (as well as where Catherine Zeta Jones is from, but she never visits, calls, writes…). I bought some cheap boards from the nearby Toys R Us, but I felt inadequate that their California-native father, from where skateboarding started (see here and here), really could barely ride a board. Don’t get me going about surfing….

So when we went back home to OC, I told them we’d go to the Vans Skatepark in Orange, where they could take a proper lesson. I really should have traded lessons for proper SEO of the appalling Vans site, but I went for the credit card.

I signed all three of us up. That was fun. First the woman taking my money thought it was just the boys I was enrolling. “No, all three of us,” I said. “Really?” she replied, with no hiding of her disbelief.

You’re supposed to book a week in advance — and it’s a pain, because you have to go there, pay the week before, then come back. But while we were there, someone cancelled — so we got right in. The instructor came along, asked if the boys were both doing it, and I said yes — plus me as well.


You can see how filled with confidence I was :)

Well, we did some stretching, then went off to learn. Going up and down a ramp was the main thing. I learned that when coming back down, you need to lean backwards and you descend, which is against all your instincts. But it’s what keeps you balanced. With lots of practice, I could eventually go up a ramp, then come back down on and pivot my board around to kick off and head to another ramp. Tony Hawk, lookout!


One of the best things was how friendly all the other skateboarders were. I’m use to people talking about how welcoming folks are in the SEO space. Where here I am this old man stumbling around, but all the kids around would still be giving me some honest words of approval and encouragement.

My oldest son decided skateboarding wasn’t for him, but my youngest was hooked. We went back again, and I promised that if we’d made it through some time on our own — and he still liked it — then I’d get him a proper board. Being a big teddy bear fan (he’s six), he’d spotted a board he loved.

On our own, we did more practice and got to know the halfpipe, practicing going up and coming down. Then it was board time:

Our Skateboards

Yeah, his is on the left — and when we did our second lesson, his instructor was more impressed with his than my awesome rainbow board on the right.

The picture at the top of the post was us taking the boards out along the Boardwalk in Newport, which is strictly verboten according to the many signs. So we didn’t do it much, mainly enough to scuff the boards up for our return to Vans.

I really wanted another lesson, so the following week we went in. This time, we learned a range of things. The instructor encouraged me to go down a ramp from the top, up a smaller one, down it and then up a higher one. Yeah, right — but I tried, didn’t fall and kept practicing. He also taught me how to keep your momentum going on the half pipe (throw your body forward as you go up; drop down as you come backwards). Yeah, I can sort of do that now — but I need a lot more practice.

My biggest achievement I learned on my own –grinding along a rail. They have a small rail there that comes up from the ground, then slope back down. So I kept aiming myself at it and eventually could go up, slide across balanced on my trucks and come down the other side. And consistently, too!

Overall, we had a great time, and I can’t wait to go out more. I’d really like to have more formal lessons, but talking to other skateboarders also seems to be the way to go. But if you’re in Orange County and want to get started, the Vans Skatepark is well worth checking out.


  1. says

    Very impressive Danny (and brave). I was an avid skateboarder for many years, and if I didn’t already know how to skate, I don’t know that I’d be brave enough to attempt to learn now. When you get to be a little older, the body just can’t take too many hard slams.
    Anyway, if you ever want some free lessons, I’ll be glad to help you out. Maybe next SES.
    My glory days of skating

  2. SnoopBloggyBlog says

    NICE! It’s never too late to learn how to skateboard.
    I’ve been skating for 10+ years myself and wouldn’t mind giving you some free lessions if ever interested at a conference…wait, booz and boarding don’t mix. haha!
    Anyway, keep skating, that’s awesome you started up.

  3. says

    Nice post Danny… just had to zoom in on the pictures seeing the boardwalk. Miss that place. I grew up in Garden Grove, born in 69, lived just off Brookhurst/Euclid. My Dad worked in a wood shop and we had two of the original Pepsi Skateboard challenge team members on our street that he made a few boards for… same age as me, a little older. You’re probably the only one I know that will have heard of the Pepsi Skateboard challenge team.
    Take care and keep the SoCal pics coming….
    Frank…. fctoma

  4. says

    Danny if you ever make it down to Cornwall (Kernowfornia) in the summer I’ll fix you up a surfboard and free entry to Mount Hawke SK8 Park :-)

  5. Jamie says

    Does anyone know where i can get donated skateboards so i can take my kids to learn how to skate board. Im a single mother that cant afford the boards right now.. please let me know thanks.

  6. says

    I don’t give lessons, Martin — you wouldn’t want me to! But the Vans skate park in Orange offers them. Less expensive if you catch one of the special events where they do these for a group. Other skate parks often have lesson, too. Or, many skateboarders just learn from watching and talking with each other.

  7. says

    Rob, I almost killed your comment because honestly, it just felt like a link drop for GoSkate.com rather than much of a contribution to extend the discussion. But I’m intrigued by your service. You’ve got permission if you want to describe how it works a bit more. I know many people have wanted to know how to learn and find instructors.

  8. says

    Thanks Danny. In response to Martin and Jamie, we give skateboarding lessons at several parks in OC including Laguna Niguel, Costa Mesa, and Anaheim. We are America’s largest referral skate school so basically we are connected with many instructors and we connect you to them.

  9. daniel villa says

    i was really wondering what is the name of your rainbow colered deck i no its almost but what is it called.