My Google Dilbert Logo Mug


Doug Edwards over at Xooglers writes today of how Dilbert got mixed into the Google logo years ago (as you’ll see here) and the Google Dilbert mug that apparently was controversial. Seems this led to very few of them being made. I made a visit to Google shortly after the logo came out and was given one on my trip. So who knew — a collector’s item. The picture above is the front and below is the back:



  1. Stephen says

    I to purchased one, I’m in Australia, Had an idea that they would become a collecters item back around 98/99 I think they came out.

  2. Derek says

    I bought a couple of the Dilbert mugs. Whether or not they will be worth something in a few years’ time depends entirely upon whether anyone at that time considers them to be of any worth! I like mine as mugs – not purely as investments