Nice Guide To Windows Mobile Phones

I’m a dedicated Windows Mobile Phone Edition user. I’ve now had four of the
devices, and later this week I’ll get my T-Mobile

MDA Vario II
to use in the UK. It’s basically the GSM version of the
UTStarcom XV7000 phone I use
with Verizon in the US. Over at Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine, they’ve just
come out with a nice guide to all the Windows Mobile phones on the market:
& Cons: Pocket PCs with Built-In Phones
. The biggest disadvantage to these
phones is that they aren’t that good for actually making calls. The operating
system (or perhaps the hardware) is sluggish. Or maybe it’s just me, since I
sync with Outlook and so have about 1,000 contacts on my phone. I also find I
reboot my phone several times per day. The good news is that they constantly
improve, and they are excellent all-in-one data devices. Moreover,
having broadband on my phone
— along with a keyboard — rocks. For more, see some of my
past posts about cell phones.