Now Departing: USS Intrepid Aircraft Carrier Museum!

USS Intrepid Flight Deck, November 2004

USS Intrepid’s Flight Deck

One of my favorite things in New York City is the
USS Intrepid, the WWII aircraft
carrier that now serves as a museum. I went to a fantastic party on the ship
held during Internet World 1998 or 1999, at the top of the last web bubble. More
recently, I had a fantastic days with my boys on the ship during a trip to New
York two years ago. Now the museum’s closed, and the ship has departed New York
for a refurbishment through Fall 2008.

The ship’s apparently been at the same place, Pier 86 in New York, for the
past 24 years. It moves today to a New Jersey shipyard. This

AP story
has more details. I like this part:

‘The people doing this have moved a thousand ships bigger than the Intrepid,’
White said in an interview. ‘A ship that survived five kamikaze attacks is going
to make it five miles down river.’

The story notes that the many planes on board have been shrink-wrapped to
protect them and that the ship is being moved to coincide with the year’s
highest tide.

When it comes back, be sure to pay a visit. It’ll keep you entertained, and
educated, for hours. I found it gripping, at times chilling, to be sitting in
the same hangar
that was devastated by a kamikaze attack, watching a video about that attack.
The flight deck
lined with planes of all types is a sight to behold. Nearby, one of the Concorde
aircraft can be toured:

Concord Near The USS Intrepid, November 2004

The idea of it moving makes me think of another ship I’d always wanted to see
return to the see, the Queen Mary in Long Beach. For a Southern Californian, the
Queen Mary is a landmark, a ship I’ve
visited many times, including one overnight stay in the hotel.

I always wanted to come up with a story that would involve the Queen Mary
going to sea again, perhaps somewhat similar to how the Titanic got raised and
returned to port in

Raise The Titanic

The Queen Mary never sank, of course (though it did slice another ship in two
during a terrible accident
during its troopship
days. As the owner of, I
like troopship history!). I have no idea if the ship could even be made seaworthy again, after all
the changes and removals made to it over time. But it would be great to see.

In the meantime, my last trip to the Intrepid gave me an extra bonus. The
Queen Mary 2 was in port next to it:

Queen Mary 2 Near The USS Intrepid, November 2004

Postscript: Oh no — stuck! The ship got out (and see here) only 15 feet today.