The Nutty, Stupid World Of ZoneAlarm Renewals

This might be the last year I renew with ZoneAlarm. I like the security software and have used it for years. But they crazy and somewhat misleading renewal process is making me feel less than valued.

My subscription was nearing its end, so I got this warning telling me to renew. Clicking through, the price was $60. Now that’s about double what I paid initially. It was also $15 more than I could buy the service new.

I know from experience that if you don’t renew, you get offered a substantial discount. But I didn’t want to play games. I just wanted to renew then and there at the lowest price I knew they’d offer me.

I hit the web site looking for a contact form. They don’t have one. Everything is through chat. That’s it.

OK, I chatted. Told the rep the situation. Was told there was nothing that could be done. They couldn’t even extend my current subscription at a new price.

So, when subscription did expire, I purchased a new one for $45. I thought about waiting, but my ZoneAlarm software icon kept displaying an image giving the impression it wasn’t really working. It does, thought anti-virus definitions will slowly get outdated.

Still, being paranoid, I renewed. And then an hour later, in case a 60% off request to renew.


I replied to the email, since the address looked like it actually might go to something other than an auto-responder. Nope.

That meant it was back to chat. Told the person I was looking for credit. They asked for my account number. Gave it. He issued a refund.


Yeah, refunded the whole amount. The solution, you see, was that I needed to again go buy the software.

What a giant waste of time. But at least now, since I’ll be using the renewal code I was sent, I’ll no longer get the daily email reminders from Zone Alarm that I need to renew my subscription.

Oh, and thanks but no thanks for the Extended Download Service that’s absolutely unnecessary, Zone Alarm, since the latest software is always offered for current customers.