Showtime’s Web Site: For US Eyes Only

Showtime Says No To US Visitors

I just watched the last episode of season three of The L Word (yes, we’re
behind in the UK). To make sure it was indeed the last episode, I went online to
find out. I did a search, and Showtime’s
site came up first, so I
clicked through only to be told:

We at Showtime Online express our apologies; however, these pages are
intended for access only from within the United States.

Hey, thanks, Showtime. Why on earth can’t you allow people from the US to
view the web site? FYI, it’s not just information about The L Word. It’s the
entire site that’s blocked.

I remember this from before with Showtime. The same thing happened a year or
two ago when I also went to look up something about The L Word. What a stupid,
stupid policy.

I’m far from the only one annoyed about this. Do a

on the phrase above, and you find plenty of people complaining about
it. I like
this one

Yeah? Well, screw you too. It’s been like that since at least the Dead Like
Me days, and all I wanted to do was read some information on the show.

Same here — I just wanted to get some info on the show. Well, proxy servers
are the way around it. got me through
(Stay Invisible is another resource
to keep in mind).

To be honest, one of my favorite sites was more useful that Showtime,
after the struggle to get there. The how info on
The L Word is
here. Bless, I love

this part
about tonight’s episode:

The most unconvincing use of pseudo-tech jargon in a conversation ever:

Max’s boss: My quantum-photon chip is gonna blow everything else out of the
Max’s co-worker: The methodware is totally becoming a regular feature of my

And Dead
Like Me
was a Showtime show? Wow — I had no idea. It was on Sky over here
— great show!