Solving ActiveSync Support Code Error 85010014

I got a new

T-Mobile Vario MDA II
(HTC Hermes) Windows Mobile 5 smartphone about a week
ago that absolutely rocks. Unlike
my Verizon XV6700
, it’s fast and nimble. Much more on this in a future post.
What didn’t rock was trying to sync with Outlook and finding none of my contacts
were making it over. Instead, I got this message:

ActiveSync encountered a problem on the desktop
Support Code: 85010014

Ugh. I did the usual
it in to
Google for help routine and got the impression from a number of
pages that I was going to have to do a lot of reinstalling, such as

this one
. Stupid me blew right past the part at the top telling me that
ActiveSync 4.2 resolves the problem (the phone came with ActiveSync 4.1).

Fortunately, despite my stupidity (or fast reading) I did think to actually
go to Microsoft directly to see if there was a more current version of
ActiveSync. There was (4.2
), and it flat out told me:

Changes in ActiveSync 4.2 include the following updates:

  • Microsoft Outlook improvements: Resolves issues relating to error code

And it did!