Steve Jobs Is The Most Powerful Man Alive – He Breaks My Windows 7 Machine From Afar

Yesterday, I wrote about how I’d shifted from my Macbook to Windows 7. Today, my Sony laptop stopped working. No joke. I’m sorry, Steve Jobs, I repent. I’m back on my MacBook now. Please spare me any further wrath.

My Windows 7 laptop is a Sony Vaio that I’ve had for nearly three years. As I explained in my post, it was giving me all types of problems I’d attributed largely to Vista — hibernation issues and battery warnings. Windows 7 cleared those up. But today, for some reason, my keyboard went out. First, I could no longer cut, copy and paste using CTRL X, C and V. Then I lost the ability to restore using CTRL Z. Then certain letters on the machine stopped working: i, j, m, u, z. Turns out, you really need all the letters of the alphabet to write.

I blame Sony more over Windows 7. The issues I had with that machine have always made me feel something wasn’t right. Prior to the Sony, I’d always owned Toshiba laptops. That’s the way I’d go, if I were to stay with Windows.

Of course, I probably won’t. Steve has me really scared now. Who knows what other powers he possesses?