Steve Jobs Is The Most Powerful Man Alive – He Breaks My Windows 7 Machine From Afar

Yesterday, I wrote about how I’d shifted from my Macbook to Windows 7. Today, my Sony laptop stopped working. No joke. I’m sorry, Steve Jobs, I repent. I’m back on my MacBook now. Please spare me any further wrath.

My Windows 7 laptop is a Sony Vaio that I’ve had for nearly three years. As I explained in my post, it was giving me all types of problems I’d attributed largely to Vista — hibernation issues and battery warnings. Windows 7 cleared those up. But today, for some reason, my keyboard went out. First, I could no longer cut, copy and paste using CTRL X, C and V. Then I lost the ability to restore using CTRL Z. Then certain letters on the machine stopped working: i, j, m, u, z. Turns out, you really need all the letters of the alphabet to write.

I blame Sony more over Windows 7. The issues I had with that machine have always made me feel something wasn’t right. Prior to the Sony, I’d always owned Toshiba laptops. That’s the way I’d go, if I were to stay with Windows.

Of course, I probably won’t. Steve has me really scared now. Who knows what other powers he possesses?


  1. Andy says

    I can’t begin to imagine how awesome this post would have been from the Sony Vaio while not being able to type ijmuz.

    “Long Lve the Sony Vao”

  2. says

    And what about all those Ford motorcars running their stereo’s and nav on Windows mysteriously spontaneously combusting…….just a thought.

  3. says

    Hey Danny, I’m mad on my Mac (from work) almost everyday for some small things like the impossibility of using the cut command (Ctrl+X) and so on. But, it seems that Mac is doing an extraordinary work when is about multitasking – when I have opened a lot of programs – is working without any problem, smooth and nice.

    Still I didn’t find a clear evidence that in the same horse-powered machine’s war, Mac will beat a PC. Still googling it :)

  4. adelaide dancing says

    my first laptop was a toshiba, it was a great little machine but then my second laptop also a toshiba let me down so i moved to dell, dell has been good so far but i hear that their standards have dropped quite a lot over the past few years so i may end up switching to apple for my next notebook / pc after all

  5. says

    I just had simillar experience with HP Pavillion since 2007. First keyboard started to type weird characters, I thought its windows and I should wait for MS to send a patch for it but last month it stopped working altogether. After few days I turned it on again and used USB keyboard to login. Then I decided to search on internet and found it a hereditary disease among HP pavillion models. Living in China as an Alien is hack of a job and nobody here to tell me properly about the way to HP service center, can’t trust everyone in electronics market God knows why they think that all foreigners are rich, so the laptop is almost near the dustbin. Using office Hasee laptop to keep things on track. Btw I never used Mac, got idea from this post about giving it a try.

  6. says

    I was amazed at the ability of my new Windows 7 laptop to do multi tasking: for instance screen my pc for viruses while I edit pictures & have firefox open & Excell.

    So I don’t think this is about Windows at all. I think it’s about a broken laptop. But hey, if Apple works for you, that’s great.

  7. Foxy says


    Both your apple and sony products broke.. maybe that is not a coincidence, but it is actually you who is cursed!

    Try buying a new brand and see how long it lasts you.. if it breaks before 3 years then it must be you!

  8. Patricia Major says

    I was one of the early Macintosh users (Mac II was an exciting new release a year later!), and was forced to go with Windows when the Silicon Valley high tech companies chose MS over Apple. I was devastated, but got used to Windows, especially when it began to emulate the Apple OS. But almost 2 yrs ago, I talked myself into buying a MacBook Pro, and it has been a balance of pros and cons: expensive software, poor software versions of what they made for Windows, yet NO viruses, and a gorgeous monitor!

    Interestingly, 2 weeks ago my logic board died! (Do they all do that just before the warranty ends?) Fortunately, I was able to drop it off at the Palo Alto Stanford Apple Store, and they shipped it to the repair center, and I received it at my doorstep about 3 days later.

    I still don’t know what I’ll buy next. It’s painful to pay a lot more for every bit of software, many of which would have been freeware in Windows. But the QUALITY of Apple’s products is keeping my loyal so far. God save the Mac!

  9. says

    Ironically, after getting my MacBook back, the new logic board also died about a week later. So I ended up going to a Dell Studio XPS. Now the new MacBooks are out, and I really miss the quality of the machine. And yet, the Windows machine really does all that the Mac could do. If it had better multitouch, I’d be a pretty happy camper. But I remain conflicted….

  10. Stacy says

    Oh gosh, you’re way funny!! I recently purchased a macbook pro and we are still getting acquainted. I’m looking to see what programs are worth installing. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading! :)