Stonehenge & Salisbury Cathedral Pics

Stonehenge, Nov. 12, 2006

I’m jumping on a plane in a few hours to head out to Las Vegas for
PubCon. So it’s clear off the camera time
before I depart, to make sure what happens in Vegas shows up on Flickr. Among my
clearing out photos are some snaps of Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral.
Rebecca Kelley from SEOmoz is
over here in the UK, so I gave her a whirlwind tour this Saturday of our local
sights. Some pics, for those who are interested.

Stonehenge was a first stop, a cold day for her visit. FYI, if you’re
thinking of visiting, be sure to read my
Stonehenge tour tips (which
also has some more pictures of the stones).

Rebecca At Stonehenge

Later, we hit Salisbury
, impressive for its giant spire, the
medieval spire in Europe:

Salisbury Cathedral

Sadly, my little point-and-shoot digital doesn’t do it justice. Another view:

Salisbury Cathedral

It was too dark inside for my camera to shoot well, but here’s one look at
the interior:

Salisbury Cathedral, Inside

Former prime minister Edward Heath made his home in Salisbury. Heath died
last year, and I hadn’t realized he was buried in the cathedral. His marker:

Edward Heath's Marker In Salisbury Cathedral

Bye, Rebecca!

Rebecca Leaving