Teddy Bear Parachute Jump @ Salisbury Cathedral

If you happened to be near Salisbury Cathedral on Saturday, there was something more inspiring than the towering spire. It was raining teddy bears from the skies. Along with a lot of actual rain. It was part of a charity campaign, and my youngest son (who loves teddy bears) had his make two jumps (because we missed the first one). Plus, there was the unexpected rescue of teddy bears that got stuck in trees. Pics below.

To illustrate what type of day it turned out to be for the jump, check out the rubbish bin filled with broken umbrellas:

Rainy Blustery Day @ Salisbury Cathedral

The bears were loaded in baskets and taken up high using a fire truck:

Teddy Bears Jump At Salisbury Cathedral

Unfortunately, the truck was originally positioned behind some trees, which resulted in this mess:

Teddy Bears Stuck In Trees

Teddy bears stranded in trees, not a happy sight.

Eventually, the bears were all rescued and a new basket taken up. All this took so much time that by the time we got back from the cathedral’s cafeteria, our bear had already jumped. There was nothing to do but send him up again:

Corduroy Prepares For Jump

Corduroy Prepares For Jump

Yes, it’s Corduroy. Time for the jump. The teddy medics were ready for the ground rescue part:

Teddy Medics

The ladder went back up:

Teddy Bears Jump At Salisbury Cathedral

And way he went:

Corduroy In Flight

Corduroy In Flight

Corduroy In Flight

Corduroy Lands


  1. Robert Mathews says

    Charlotte still talks about Fizz from when we stayed with you. If I told her you’d given Fizz away, I think she’d break down in tears.

  2. says

    Dear Sir.
    I also had a teddy that jump with a parashute.I do is in South Africa in Bloemfontein out off oure jump plane.He first do some jumps on 500Ft AGL but now go up to 100Ft AGL.
    I made his shutes myself,a ramair canopy.
    I get some jumps on DVD and tomorrow it is his day to jump his 24th jump.
    If you want some it see how it look just let me know.
    Have a nice day.