The Trooping The Colour Stamps Are Here!

I’m a stamp nerd. Not even a good one, really into it and knowing all the values. I just occasionally saw stamps I liked and bought them, such as the Princess Diana issue that came out in the UK after her death and the London Bridges one. Last year, one showing various cruise ships including the Queen Mary caught my eye. So I enrolled in the Royal Mail to get presentations packs and first day covers sent regularly. Well on my way to being a stamp-spotter now.

The Trooping The Colour came last week, as you can see here on the Royal Mail site. It’s hard to see, but some are very unique in that they lack the silhouette of the Queen’s head, required to make them legal. That’s because they are pictures of the real Queen’s head, which is just as good! The UK is apparently the only country in the world that doesn’t have the country’s name on its stamps, just the Queen’s head as a way of identifying country of origin.