Tracking Santa Through The NORAD Web Site

One of my favorite memories of being a kid was when my dad switched on the radio so I could hear NORAD – you know, the missile tracking people – reporting that Santa had been spotted and was on his way. Now with my own kids, I do the same thing each year. But NORAD reports have changed since all those years ago. Now I log into the NORAD Tracks Santa web site.

And wow! This is the 50th anniversary of the NORAD reports, or so the site told me, when I checked it out today to prepare. And to think it all started with a telephone number being misprinted, apparently.

Anyway, wherever you are in the world, the NORAD site is great for tracking Santa. Watch the promo videos on this page to get a taste of what you’ll see. If it’s like last year, you should find that there will be tracking for countries all around the world, with a video of Santa flying around prominent landmarks.

We live about two miles from Stonehenge, and the kids (and I!) couldn’t believe when checking the UK report how Santa was flying past it.

NOTE: Every year, I review the Santa trackers. For the latest, see here: Your Guide To Santa Trackers