Tree House Project: Day 10, The Roof

More work on the treehouse project
today. I’ve been dreading doing the roof of the tree house. But finally, its time
had come today.

The main challenge was those four corner posts. They all end at different
heights, since they were buried at slightly different depths. I did a lot of
laying board across pairs of them to work out which were the highest and lowest.
From that, I figured out which way to have the roof slope.

I decided to go for a flat, tilted roof rather than the nice sloping one on
the original plans. I figured
it would be easier to build. But now I needed to make two corner posts slightly
higher. In the end, I cut two 2x4s to the right length for each, screwed them
together and then screwed them further into the posts. Being paranoid, I will
then surround these with wood above and below the join for further security. You
can see the start of this in one of the photos below:

Eventually, I had all the posts to the right height. Then working with my
power saw, I cut each to a nice neat diagonal, so the 2×4 framing pieces lay
nicely on them. Well, I hacked brutally with the power saw until the board were
level enough.

Finally, I had everything screwed into place:

Roof Frame

And a closer look (sorry it’s blurry — my camera’s doing this more and more,
so I think something’s up with it):

Roof Frame

Now see the thin cross pieces? I thought I’d roll the tarpaper (excuse me,
the roofing felt — when I tried to order tarpaper, they had no idea what I was
talking about) across several of these. Turns out, it droops. So then I worried
water would collect. I had some thicker pieces, so I thought I’d tighten the
gaps. And then I thought — you know, I should totally seal the top with wood,
then put down the felt over that.

Sigh. More wood will be needed — and I won’t likely get it before I leave on
my trip. Plus, now I worry that extra wood means I should do yet more cross
bracing of the roof.

Still, I’m pressing onward. In addition, I’ve decided to get more creative.
It’s hard to see, but I’ve allowed the branches on one half of the tree house to
stay within it. I’ve decided I’m going to make the side without be all roofed
in, then build two little doors leading to the open other side of the top. Trust
me — it’s going to be fun. In addition, my oldest son especially loves to do
those rock climbing walls, when we come across one. I’ve got some heavy wood
left, so I’m going to make a wall allowing you to climb from the ground up to
the second floor. And then I’m going to worry constantly about him or others
falling off of it. And then I’m going to tell myself not to worry.