OK, Naysayers — Here’s Why You Would Want To Turn Off Gmail’s Conversation View

Google’s rolled out a new option to turn off “conversation view” in Gmail. I’m dumbfounded that I’ve seen two different people now question why anyone would want to do this. OK, I’ll bite.

But Conversation View Is So Great!

Let’s do the critics first. Here’s Google’s Matt Cutts about the crazy people who don’t want conversations:

But ability 2 turn off Gmail conversation view is like ability 2 hit head against wall. Why would you do it? #notefficient 🙂

Here’s Christopher Dawson over at ZDNet:

Google announced today that it would allow users to disable what, in my opinion, is the single best feature of Gmail and one of the most touted new features of Outlook 2010…

This sounds to me, however, like it is really about attracting enterprise-types who have become accustomed to Outlook and Exchange, where a conversation view only became available with the launch of Outlook 2010. Conversation view, for non-Gmail users, is a real switch

Heck, even Google itself, in announcing the change, makes me feel like I’m an insane pariah for wanting it:

It turns out not everyone feels the same way. And just as an outspoken minority has banded together in unison to declare their distaste of one of nature’s most delicious herbs, some of you have been very vocal about your dislike of conversation threading.

Let Me Count The Reasons To Opt-Out

So why am I so crazy as to want this off? For one, because I want to, OK?

I don’t care if you love Gmail’s conversation view and think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Not everyone does. So having a choice to disable it is nice. Choices are good. I’m glad it’s here now, and I’d prefer that you didn’t question my decision to use it.

Conversations Aren’t Perfect

Other reasons. You know what? Gmail’s not perfect. Sometimes it puts things into a conversation that aren’t actually part of it. Sometimes it misses other things On the odd occasion, I’ve got some spam or off-topic message that I don’t want in the middle of everything else.

Here’s an example right now, in my inbox:

That’s the latest comment on a blog post that I have about sneaked versus snuck. That post has over 100 comments. I’ve got over 100 notifications of each comment. However, Gmail thinks for whatever reason that only 4 of them today are part of the “conversation.”

OK, that makes sense if you’re talking the most recent conversation. But I thought Gmail was all about keeping track of conversations over time? Where’s the rest?

It’s also frigging annoying. I’m one of those people who likes to deal with an email individually and have it done. So in my inbox, I have what feels to me four different messages coming back, when I really only want to deal with the latest one.

Deleting Is Easier

I also get a lot of crap email, stuff I want to delete. But I never feel safe using the delete feature from the inbox because it will wipe out a bunch of messages that may have been wrapped into a conversation. Instead, I have to click into the conversation, then delete what I might want to kill.

I know, I know. Unlimited storage! Never need to delete. Yeah, that’s not really true, as my Pondering “Email Conservation” After Hitting Gmail’s Storage Limit post gets into. Hey, I solved my storage issues for $50 per year, and it’s well spent. With 60% of my quota still free, I don’t need to delete. But if I want to, I want to, OK? And a non-conversation view makes it easier.

Focusing Can Be Easier

Another reason is sometimes, I have long emails that in turn are shoved into long conversation views. This is another case when I might more easily want to deal with just a single email, in a non-conversation view.

How About An Easier Toggle?

So thanks, Gmail, for allowing me the option. Want to make it better? Allow me to easily toggle it on or off, like Outlook 2010 does. This having to dig into settings and switch it on and off as a global option is crazy. It should be a view option from my inbox or “all mail” summary. Hey, showing snippets ought to be, too.

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