Twitter Address: Now Mandatory For Business Cards?

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I’ve been without business cards for about seven months now, and I’m finally gotten around to getting new ones printed. In doing so, I realized I wanted my Twitter address on my card. Last time I had some printed, at the end of 2005, I don’t even think I had a Twitter account! But now, I was amazed to realize that Twitter has become so important to me as a communication tool that I wanted it included along with my “old school” contact info such as a snail mail address, phone number and email.

OK, despite my headline, I’m sure few believe listing their Twitter address as mandatory information a business card. Still, was I alone in feeling I should include it? Apparently not. I twitted about getting it added and got a stream of responses from people who were doing the same, such as:

Ah, but where to fit in my address? I felt like my card was already crowded enough with my ordinary information, but the back was open and free. Rex Hammock shared a good example shared a good example of what he does with his social profiles for the back of his card:

I pondered listing all my social networking profiles on the back as well, similar to what I do with the sidebar here on the blog. But I figured minimalist would work for me. Hit my blog, all my profiles are listed there. But Twitter among the rest stood out as special for me, deserving its own place.


  1. Clark Taylor says

    Was just researching this for my company and found your post. We haven’t integrated a “Twitter field” into our business card templates yet, but am wondering if just replacing the “fax field” might be a good spot on most business cards. Does anyone use a fax anymore?

    I also like your idea of adding social networks, profiles, blogs and other links on the back of the card.

  2. says

    Putting any of the social networking on a card is not the best idea in the world. They are coming and going way too fast. The better option is to get people to go to a contact page on your site that is dynamic so you can add/remove the social networks as you move around. Twitter is cool and fun – but it is far from something the majority of people in this world have. I’d rather you use a more extensive and stable means to communicate with me anyways.

    I had a post on this awhile back:

  3. says

    @Patrick.. I will post on your blog too. I had already built the page, but wow… what a brilliant idea. I had too much information on my card… now I just have a URL.

    so minimalist, and so much control. SO well done. Thank you.

  4. says

    I was just looking for examples and read this post. I think it’s interesting Patrick said in Feb 2010 that these social networks may come and go – but Twitter, FB and Lin have all grown stronger.

    I think both twitter and FB are worth of being on your business card, linkedin should be in that category too being a more professional network, but it’s barely an area to communicate like the others.

    Also agree with omitting the fax number – In the last 12 months we’ve received 2 faxes – both direct mail!