I Work For Search Engine Land, Not Search Engine Watch

One of the disadvantages of having built up someone else’s brand over a decade is that it can be very hard to be disassociated with it. Case in point: three years after having left Search Engine Watch to start Search Engine Land, I still get people who think I work at the old place.

In the past week, I’ve had it happen to me three times now. Once during an media interview, another during a press briefing and once just talking with someone in general.

I understand. It took ages for me to stop saying “GoTo” instead of “Overture” or to adjust to other branding changes I’ve personally encountered. But, I figured a reminder was in order on my personal blog.

These days, I write at Search Engine Land. It’s a site I started back in December 2006, so if you haven’t been by, visit! And if you’re not linking over yet or having updated your set of links for some time, please consider it!

On the conference side, I left Search Engine Strategies some time ago and instead run my own Search Marketing Expo conference series these days.